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  • I learned a lot of useful strategies to help me make ACT testing much easier and smoother. I wish the writing part had a little more focus and more useful ways to people who dislike writing, like me. Other than the, the extra practice and videos helped me become a stronger test taker.

    Selina K
  • I have enjoyed this class very much! :) I found the tips and tricks to be very helpful, however I did not improve very much. The mathematical tricks were VERY helpful! Ryan is an amazing teacher, and I have enjoyed working with him. By showing us video clips that pertain to the lesson plan and relating the lesson plan back to our own lives, he makes the class informative and enjoyable.

    Mandy R
  • I received my ACT scores today and it went up 6 points from my last test in April because of this class! I exceededed my “target” score by 2 points, and very happy with the results. I scored a 29!

    Drew P
  • My scores for English jumped from an average of around 26 to a 30-31. Every score of each subject was raised. Every time i took another test, my scores were raising. My first score entering this course was a 23, by the end of this program, I was scoring around 28’s and 29’s.

    Matthew L
  • This class helped me very much, especially because of my tutor Abraham. It was mainly because of him that I improved my ACT score by 11 points. He was so smart and knew every detail about the ACT and the differences between the ACT and SAT.

    Charlotte L

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