Are You Smarter Than Our Presidents? Politicians and Their SAT Scores

The President of the United States holds the most highly regarded position in the country, so you would suspect (and probably hope) that they would have some of the brightest brains around. We found the SAT scores of recent past presidents and presidential nominees. Although they haven’t been officially confirmed, it’s fun to see how you stack up against these minds!

(1) Bill Clinton

Former President Clinton is a Yalie, and he didn’t get in to Yale Law School because he was the president. No, he had to go to college long before he was elected Commander in Chief. Clinton boasted an SAT score of 1032, which translates to an IQ of 110–although some sources cite his IQ at 137.

President Bill Clinton

photo by Kate Wellington

(2) Al Gore

Al Gore, who served as President Clinton’s Vice President from 1993-2001, enrolled at Harvard College in 1965. He majored in government and posted an SAT score of 1035, with an IQ of 134. No wonder he’s an expert on global warming!

al gore's IQ score

photo by simone.brunozzi

(3) George W. Bush

Former President Bush is another Yale alum, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in history. He continued his education at the Ivy League, where he earned a master’s degree in business administration. He is the only president to earn his M.B.A. Bush scored a 1206 on his SAT and had an IQ of 123.

George Bush president

photo by Scott Brenner

(4) John Kerry

John Kerry is also a Yale graduate, although his SAT score is slightly lower than Bush’s. Kerry had a score of 1190 and also had an IQ of 123.

Senator John Kerry

photo by Cliff

Wow! We knew our country’s leaders were smart, but this is impressive! You can score just as high with your SATs and IQ tests. All it takes is hard work and dedication.


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