PrepExpert Classroom: Top 1% Academic Courses are designed to help your student stay ahead of the curve this school year. Our courses cover classroom material for grades K-12, taught by instructors who have won State Teacher of the Year and other prestigious recognition.

Our new program acts as an additional review course, supplementing the challenging subjects students are currently learning in school. Students will meet twice a week with instructors to go over course content, learn problem-solving skills, and ask questions in an interactive online learning environment.

Top 1% Academic Courses

Your student will learn from a top 1% board-certified teacher proven to engage students and improve knowledge.

Prep Expert is so confident in our academic curriculum, we backup our Top 1% Academic Courses with the industry’s leading money-back grade improvement guarantees:

  • If your student’s school uses a letter grade system, we guarantee that your child’s grade will improve at least a half-step letter grade (i.e. B+ to A-)
  • If your student’s school uses a numerical grading system, we guarantee that your child’s grade will improve at least 3 points (i.e. 89 to 92)

If your child doesn’t achieve the half-step or numerical grade improvements after completing our top 1% academic course, we will refund 100% of your money! See Terms of Service for complete details and qualification requirements.

Higher Grade Guarantee

Your student will earn higher grades after completing a Top 1% Academic Course, or we will refund your money!

Prep Expert only hires the brightest instructors in the industry to teach our courses. Our Top 1% Academic Courses are taught by some of the nation's best teachers, each coming with prestigious accolades such as State Teacher of the Year.

Each teacher has been vetted by the Prep Expert team, and has demonstrated an extraordinary propensity to teach material in a fun, personalized, and results-driven way. Explore our courses and meet our top instructors below!

Top 1% Teachers

Every Prep Expert Academic Course is taught by a board-certified teacher who won State Teacher of the Year or similar accolade.

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