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10 SAT & College Admission Secrets


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Raise His/Her SAT Score

  • Solve SAT/ACT math problems without algebra.
  • Use a pre-prepared template to get a perfect score on the SAT/ACT every time.
  • Identify the one word that’s always wrong on SAT/ACT grammar questions.

Get Into An Elite College

  • Snag an excellent letter of recommendation.
  • Get into medical school, law school, and other graduate programs straight from high school.
  • Meet with the one person who can increase your odds of getting into your dream school.

Get $1,000’s In Scholarships

  • Find easy scholarships to target and win.
  • Acquire $100,000+ in scholarships before senior year.
  • Leverage scholarships appropriately for success.

After this webinar, your child will be more prepared to take the SAT/ACT, gear up for college admissions, and win scholarships.

Presented by Shaan Patel

Dr. Shaan Patel founded Prep Expert after taking his SAT score from average to perfect and winning hundreds of thousands of dollars of scholarships in the process. After appearing on Shark Tank and closing a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban, Prep Expert is now the fastest growing test prep company in the world.

He is currently in his dermatology residency and has published nearly 10 books, including some #1 bestsellers on Amazon and a self-improvement book, Self-Made Success.

Learn the biggest SAT & College admission secrets

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