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Planning and preparing for the SAT and ACT is tough proposition. Let our experts make it easier for you and your student by reviewing some of the many options available to improve scores, grow scholarship offers, and get into the best college!

Oct Nov Class C – SAT

  • Henderson Location: 9550 S. Eastern Ave Suite 253, Henderson, NV 89123
  • Class Time: Mon & Wed 3:30-6:30PM PST
  • Test Time: Sat 1:00PM-5:00PM PST
Week Day Date Time (PST) Class
1 Sat 10/3 1:00-5:00PM Test #1
Mon 10/5 3:30-6:30PM Class 1
Wed 10/7 3:30-6:30PM Class 2
2 Sat 10/10 1:00-5:00PM Test #2
Mon 10/12 3:30-6:30PM Class 3
Wed 10/14 3:30-6:30PM Class 4
3 Sat 10/17 1:00-5:00PM Test #3
Mon 10/19 3:30-6:30PM Class 5
Wed 10/21 3:30-6:30PM Class 6
4 No SAT
Mon 10/26 3:30-6:30PM Class 7
Wed 10/28 3:30-6:30PM Class 8
5 Sat 10/31 1:00-5:00PM Test #4
Mon 11/2 3:30-6:30PM Class 9
Wed 11/4 3:30-6:30PM Class 10
Fri 11/6 3:30-6:30PM Review
6 Sat 11/7 1:00-5:00PM Test #5
Mon 11/9 3:30-6:30PM Class 11
Wed 11/11 3:30-6:30PM Class 12
7 Sat 11/14 1:00-5:00PM Test #6

Prep Expert

Prep Expert is a test-preparation company that offers 6-week online and in- person SAT and ACT prep classes. There’s a reason Prep Expert founder Shaan Patel closed an investment deal with billionaire Mark Cuban on ABC’s primetime TV Shark Tank. We teach students 100 strategies Shaan developed himself to improve his own SAT score from average to perfect. We offer double the course hours at half the price with top instructors. We also offer the best score guarantees in the industry: if your child does not improve his or her score by at least 200 points on the SAT (or 4 points on the ACT) after completing our 6-week course, you get your money back!