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Perfect 2400 SAT Score Student Reveals Secrets to Improve SAT Score!


How to Get a Perfect SAT Score


Perfect 2400 SAT Score Student Shares SAT Prep Tips & Methods


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World's Top SAT Tutor Improves Student Scores by 376 Points on Average


Top 5 SAT Prep Tips by Perfect SAT Score Student


Why Prep Expert?

Our students have received admission into Ivy League schools, won millions in college scholarships, and even gotten perfect SAT scores themselves! That’s why we’re the world’s fastest growing test prep provider.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Increase your SAT score by 200 points or your ACT score by 4 points or get your money back! See Terms for details.

99th Percentile Instructors

We work with some of the most talented names in test prep, teachers who truly invest in every student's success.

Perfect Scorer Strategies

Prep Expert's custom, proprietary strategies were designed by our Founder, Shaan Patel, a perfect SAT scorer himself!

  • During my testing experience, my score increased quite a lot. It has gone up 300 points! The class is kind of long but Bill Meritt made it enjoyable. To improve the course I would make the week classes shorter and a little more interesting.

    Esther A
  • I improved upon techniques and ways to approach the SAT while in this class. The instructor was helpful in guiding me and clearing up any questions or problems I had. My score improved by over 300 points and I’m sure with practice I will continue to improve.

    Ariel B
  • Last year, when i took the SAT as a 7th grader I got 2000. During these practice tests, ive managed to get up to 1550, which is like 2325 on the old SAT. I improved over 300 points thanks to the invaluable techniques our instructors taught us. Additionally, this class made it fun to study for the SAT for me. Finally, this class simplified the SAT so much for me.

    Nikhil S
  • My score has increased from a 1220 to a 1410 thanks to the help of prep expert SAT classes. With this class, I can now ensure my success in getting a full 1600 on the SAT.

    Ashrith A
  • This class was extremely beneficial for me and I showed a lot of improvement from the first week. The first test I scored in the 1200 but now I got a 1500 on the last one.

    Danielle G
  • I improved over 250 points and will continue because now my score will be around 1550 mark.

    Archan P
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Meet Shaan Patel

My perfect SAT score changed my life. I was admitted into prestigious universities, won a quarter million dollars in scholarships, and even got to meet the President of the United States! Of the 15 million students who have taken the 2400-version of the SAT, only 3,000 got a perfect score – just .02%.

But I am no genius. I grew up in my parents’ urban motel, attended inner-city public schools in nation’s worst school district with a 40% dropout rate, and was clueless about standardized tests. In fact, I only scored around average on my first practice SAT. My 640-point improvement came through focused preparation.

Now I’ve created Prep Expert – the only test prep company created by a student who went from an average SAT score to a perfect one. We offer the highest average score improvement, the best instructors, and double the course hours at half the price. Many of our students have received admission into Ivy League schools, won millions in college scholarships, and some have even gotten perfect SAT scores themselves! That’s why we’re the world’s fastest growing test prep provider. I also recently closed a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank for an investment in Prep Expert.

I am currently an MD/MBA student at Yale and USC. None of my success would have been possible if it wasn’t for my SAT score. Prep Expert - Change Your Score, Change Your Life.

Shaan Patel Prep Expert Founder

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