7 Strategies For Parents To Help Your Child Earn $100,000+ College Scholarships & Ace The New 2024 Digital SAT
TIME: Sunday, July 14th at 2:00PM Pacific Time (5:00PM Eastern Time)
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In This Webinar, Parents Will Learn How To Help Your Child:
  • Win $100,000+ in college scholarships before 12th grade
  • Win $100,000+ in college scholarships during 12th grade
  • Uncover why test scores matter even at “test-optional” colleges
  • Understand the major changes to the new, 2024 Digital SAT
  • Learn 5 phrases that are always incorrect on Digital SAT Writing
  • Solve math problems without algebra on Digital SAT Math
  • Identify specific answer choices to avoid on Digital SAT Reading
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Hosted Live By Dr. Shaan Patel, MD, MBA

#1 Bestselling SAT Author & Shark Tank Winner