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Our 200 Point Guarantee

Increase your SAT score by 200 points or your ACT score by 4 points or get your money back! See Terms for details.


Ivy League Dreams

Michael Kwok

Michael Kwok had only completed the 9th grade when he took a Prep Expert SAT Course. After the course, he improved his score by 350 points. Michael’s 99th percentile SAT score helped him gain acceptance into the Ivy League: The University of Pennsylvania. Michael says, “I consistently recommend Prep Expert’s methods over huge brands like Kaplan or Princeton Review.”

Perfect SAT Score

Celina Paudel

Celina Paudel took a Live Online Prep Expert SAT Course as a sophomore in high school. She improved her SAT score 240 points after the course and achieved a perfect SAT score! Of the 50 million students who have taken the SAT, about 10,000 have gotten perfect scores – that’s just .02%! Celina is now one of our most popular Prep Expert SAT Instructors who helps other students achieve great SAT scores!


Harvard, Yale, Princeton

Zeshan Gondal

Zeshan Gondal attended a large, urban public school in Brooklyn when he began to use Prep Expert methods. He improved his SAT score so significantly that he was accepted into EVERY college that he applied to including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Zeshan is now completing his studies at Yale.

$14 Million Scholarships

Neal Bhandari

Neal Bhandari was on a mission. After taking a Prep Expert SAT Course and improving his SAT score 250 points, he wanted to use his score to go to college for free. So he applied to many scholarships and universities that offered merit-based scholarships. Neal ultimately received $1.4 million in college scholarship offers and is now attending Vassar College where he is not spending a dime on tuition. 🙂


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"A great program! We're using this with a class to help our son to vastly improve his score... well worth the Investment if it even garners one ONLY scholarship!"

Erin Wade, Boston, MA

6 Week SAT Prep Course

"I not only learned coveted strategies that actually worked for me, I also had so much fun while doing it."

Claire Betzer

ACT Self Paced Courses

"When I first took my ACT, I scored a 20. After Prep Expert, my score has risen to a whole new level!

Drew Johnson, 19 years old

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Our mission is to provide exceptional test prep to students around the globe. The end result of following through on that promise for over seven years?

Thousands of really happy customers with incredible achievements to share 🙂


8 Perfect SAT Scores

The chances of getting a perfect SAT score are 1 in 5,000 - or .02%! And we've produced and/or work with 8 Perfect SAT Scorers!

Shaan Patel

Ryan Fitzgibbons

Shirley Ye

Neil Bickford

Abhinav Singh

Michelle Malwane

Celina Paudel

Clay Cooper