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Princeton, NJ

New Jersey SAT Prep Course

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  • 6-week SAT Prep Course Jan - Feb Mon/Wed

    $1499 $1399
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    Week Day Date Time Class
    1 mon 1/21 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 1
    wed 1/23 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 2
    sat 1/26 12:45 - 5:30PM EST test 1
    2 mon 1/28 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 3
    wed 1/30 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 4
    sat 2/2 12:45 - 5:30PM EST test 2
    3 mon 2/4 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 5
    wed 2/6 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 6
    sat 2/9 12:45 - 5:30PM EST test 3
    4 mon 2/11 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 7
    wed 2/13 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 8
    sat 2/16 12:45 - 5:30PM EST test 4
    5 mon 2/18 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 9
    wed 2/20 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 10
    sat 2/23 12:45 - 5:30PM EST test 5
    6 mon 2/25 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 11
    wed 2/27 5:30 - 8:30PM EST class 12
    sat 3/2 12:45 - 5:30PM EST test 6
  • Princeton Location
  • 200-Point Score Improvement Guaranteed†
  • 99th Percentile SAT Prep Instructors
  • 60 Course Hours in 6 Weeks
  • 100 Strategies by Perfect Score Student

Prep Expert is excited to offer in-person New Jersey SAT prep classes in Princeton, a city synonymous with a coveted university. Many of Prep Expert’s SAT students have gained admission and scholarships to Princeton because of their top SAT scores gained with the help of Prep Expert’s New Jersey SAT prep course. Prep Expert’s students study with hand-picked instructors who have all scored in the top 1% and learn the same strategies that founder Shaan Patel developed for himself to achieve a perfect SAT score. Along with twice the course hours at half the price of Kaplan and Princeton Review, Prep Expert’s New Jersey SAT prep classes are an unbelievable combination of value and effectiveness.

New Jersey New SAT Prep Course Features

  • Princeton Location
  • 200-Point Score Improvement Guaranteed†
  • 99th Percentile SAT Prep Instructors
  • 60 Course Hours in 6 Weeks
  • 100 Strategies by Perfect Score Student
Learn the same strategies that founder Shaan Patel developed for himself to achieve a perfect SAT score taught by his hand-picked instructors show scored in the top 1% themselves.

The curriculum combines expertise and passion for the SAT with top-notch teaching materials that inspire even the most unmotivated to succeed. I have now achieved confidence and proficiency on the SAT that I never had. My family agrees that it was the best $999 we’ve ever spent.Madison +560 Point SAT Score Improvement

The instructors for our New Jersey New SAT Prep Course are listed below.

Chelsea Sandridge SAT instructor for Prep Expert's New Jersey New SAT Prep Course in Princeton, NJ

Chelsea Sandridge

Chelsea scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT herself and has significant experience tutoring Princeton students including those enrolled in Prep Expert’s New Jersey New SAT Prep Course. She is a recent graduate of the Colorado School of Mines and has her degree in computational and applied mathematics. Outside the classroom, Chelsea enjoys hiking, traveling, Pilates, cooking and reading.

Nishi Patel SAT instructor for Prep Expert's Online New SAT Prep Course the best SAT Prep Class Online

Nishi Patel

Nishi scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and has a passion for teaching. She loves thinking outside the box and coming up with unconventional methods to teach topics because no two students learn the same way! She is a rising sophomore in the Nursing School at Rutgers University in New Brunswick​, she entered college with 40 credit hours from her AP classes​. In her free time, Nishi loves to do DIY crafts and anything "artsy."

I wanted to share the exciting news that I got a perfect score on the October SAT and thank you for all the guidance you gave me during this course! I’m very grateful to have had such a great instructor!Michelle +490 Point SAT Score Improvement

Our location in New Jersey where students meet our expert instructors for class instruction and our professional proctors for timed examinations is in Princeton. New Jersey parents can easily commute to our SAT prep center from Princeton, Trenton, Edison, New Brunswick, and more! Students from the following high schools attend our New Jersey New SAT Prep Classes: Princeton High, West Windsor, Plainsboro High, Hopewell Valley Central High, Hun School of Princeton, Lawrenceville School, The Lewis School of Princeton, The Peddie School, The Pennington School, Princeton Day School, Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science, Stuart Country Day School, and more!

Google Map of 300 Carnegie Center Drive #150, Princeton, NJ 08540

Princeton Location

300 Carnegie Center Drive #150, Princeton, NJ 08540

Our New Jersey classroom is located in Princeton. We are located inside an executive suite called Intelligent Office. Our location is conveniently located inside the Carnegie Center off of the 1 and Carnegie Center Blvd.

My SAT score has improved by over 500 points from the first week of class!Alexander +630 Point SAT Score Improvement

Every student in our SAT Prep Courses will receive a set of 5 books written by #1 bestselling author and Prep Expert Founder Shaan Patel. The books have been written specifically for our New Jersey New SAT Prep Course: Introduction, Math, Reading, Writing, & Essay. The Kindle eBooks can be read on any computer tablet using the Kindle App. Students in our New Jersey New SAT Prep Courses will also receive a FREE Amazon Kindle Fire to read their books on!

Nonetheless, we were all floored when his scores came in last month, and he got a perfect score. This SAT prep book was the only one he used.Carolyn (Parent) +280 Point SAT Score Improvement

This course completely changed the way I approach the SAT. It improved my score at least 250 points. I am so grateful for what this class taught me! And especially my instructor: thank you for being the greatest SAT Class teacher ever!Sonia +330 Point SAT Score Improvement

The class was entertaining and taught me a lot!Sophie +370 Point SAT Score Improvement

I really learned a lot from taking an SAT every week, and our teacher was extremely helpful.Shalini +300 Point SAT Score Improvement

I benefitted from everything I learned!Naba +260 Point SAT Score Improvement

It really helped break down tougher problems into simple and manageable bits.Sophia +220 Point SAT Score Improvement

You guys are stars! I love you!Ava +210 Point SAT Score Improvement

The 2400 Expert SAT Prep Course helped me to look at the SAT in a different way, and taught me very effective ways to study and prepare for it.Austin +180 Point SAT Score Improvement

I improved 490 points since Test #1 because of the material/tricks taught.Lexi +490 Point SAT Score Improvement

Great class and a great teacher!Matty +330 Point SAT Score Improvement

I felt that this class got rid of the fear I had toward the SAT and the other standardized tests.Ian +370 Point SAT Score Improvement

Prep Expert is so confident in our SAT prep methodology, we back up our live online and in-person courses with the best score guarantee in the industry. If your student's official SAT score does not go up 200 points from a previous official SAT score upon completion of any live online and in-person course and all applicable practice exams, we will refund 100% of your purchase. See our Terms Of Service for complete details.

Today the scores came out and I found out I got a perfect score. I really have to thank you for helping people like me. I never dreamed I would actually get a perfect SAT score.Shirley +470 Point SAT Score Improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to your student’s education we understand you will have lots questions when choosing the best SAT or ACT Prep Course.



  1. What Is The Structure Of Your SAT & ACT Classes?

    Our 6-Week Flagship Courses meet for 6 hours of class twice per week, with a 4-hour exam each week. A total of 60 course hours. 4-hour exams are intended to simulate test-day conditions in order to help students build the stamina they need for the actual exam. In addition, homework is assigned throughout the course for students to complete at home between classes.

  2. How Much Are Your Courses?

    Our 6-Week Flagship Courses typically start at $999, which works out to $16 per hour for course time. Please note that we do have dynamic prices, and they may rise due to demand and start date; therefore, we recommend enrolling as early as possible to get the lowest price!

  3. What If My Child Misses Class?

    We understand that students occasionally miss a couple of classes or tests during our 6-week course, or even start the course a week late. There is no reason to worry because we hold makeup and review sessions at the end of the course that cover any material your student would have missed. You can also makeup exams. In addition, students in our online courses can view recordings of the classes they missed. Please note that a certain amount of missed class time may void the guarantee associated with your course. To learn more, please visit our Terms.

  4. When Should My Child Take An SAT/ACT Course?

    The answer to this question is as soon as possible. We find that students who take our classes as freshmen or sophomores typically get the highest SAT/ACT scores, go to the best colleges, and win the most scholarships. It’s also beneficial to take an SAT course before October of your child’s junior year so that they score high on the PSAT in order to become a National Merit Finalist (equivalent to $100,000+ in college scholarships). In addition, our courses not only teach students how to become better at the SAT/ACT, but also how to become better standardized test-takers in general. The strategies students learn in our courses will help them on the SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP Exams, SAT Subject Exams, State High School Standardized Exams, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, etc.

  5. Who Are Your Instructors?

    Shaan Patel, Founder of Prep Expert and Perfect SAT Scorer, only teaches an occasional course given his current dermatology residency at Temple University. However, we have hand-selected a small group of highly qualified instructors who have mastery teaching Prep Expert strategies. With the excpetion of certain TAs, all instructors must verify their 99th percentile score on the SAT, ACT, or GMAT, whichever they are selected to instruct. Our instructors also need to have significant previous teaching and/or tutoring experience and be very gifted teachers. We “audition” them by asking them to teach a lesson, so that we can verify their talent in communicating difficult material. Accolades of our instructor group include having degrees from Harvard, Yale, and MIT, achieving perfect SAT scores, and having advanced graduate degrees (PhDs, MDs, MBAs, etc.). Our instructors have been doing this for a long time and generate incredible results for students resulting in us being able to provide score improvement guarantees of 200 and 4 points on the SAT and ACT, respectively.

  6. Where Are Your Locations?

    We conduct SAT & ACT prep courses both online and across 8 locations in the United States. Click the “View Schedules & Locations” button at the top to view all of our locations.

  7. Should my child take the SAT or ACT?

    Traditionally, students better at problem-solving and critical thinking should take the SAT and students better at learning content should take the ACT. However, with the redesign of the SAT in March of 2016, both the SAT and ACT are more similar than ever. Therefore, it does not matter which exam your student takes. Colleges and universities do not prefer one exam over the other. One advantage to preparing for the SAT is that it will also prepare students for the PSAT that is administered in October of their junior year, which can qualify them for National Merit scholarships!

  8. What Kind Of Guarantee Do You Offer?

    We offer some of the the best score guarantees in the industry. If your child’s SAT score does not go up by at least 200 points after fully completing a 6-Week Flagship SAT Prep Course, or if your child’s ACT score does not up by at least 4 points after fully completing a 6-Week Flagship ACT Prep Course, we will refund 100% of your money! Please see our terms for full details.

  9. How Do Online Classes Work?

    Our online classes are taught in a virtual classroom program that is live over the internet. The instructor and a whiteboard are visible. The students will view a lesson that is identical to a regular classroom with a teacher at the front of the room drawing on the board. Students can use the chat box to interact with the instructor and other students. In addition, the entire class is recorded and for future viewing if students cannot attend a session or need additional review.

  10. How Does Private Tutoring Work?

    Many of our tutors are also instructors who teach 6-Week Flagship Prep Expert Course, so you are in good hands. Each tutoring session is 2-hours long and scheduled around a time most convenient for your student. Tutors primarily work with students via our online tutoring platform, but can meet students in-person in certain areas of the country based on their geographic location. Students will also be asked to take practice tests on their own at home – which is absolutely essential for large score improvements.

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