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  • Instructor: Matt Sheldon

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    Course Dates (2/4 - 2/5) Sat/Sun 9:00AM-3:00PM PST Test:

    Meet Your InstructorMatt Sheldon

    Matthew Sheldon is a senior Engineering student at San Diego State University. He has always had a passion for education, and enjoys working with students in order to help them shape a successful future. In his free time, he can be found mountain biking or surfing.


    Course Schedule

    1sat2/49:00 - 3:00PMPSTclass 1
    2sun2/59:00 - 3:00PMPSTclass 2

    Inspirational Results

    I got a perfect score! I’ll be attending Harvard this Fall, and I’m sure 2400 Expert helped me get there.Abhinav, +550pt SAT Score Improvement

    I improved my score 360 points! Not only was the course informational, but also fun. In addition to incredible test advice, I also came away with great life advice.Audrey, +360pt SAT Score Improvement

    I have improved my score by hundreds of points. My instructor was great and he spent a lot of time with students to help them gain knowledge about what they didn’t understand.Brandon, +320pt SAT Score Improvement

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