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If you want to do well on the SAT, you should consider using a tutoring service. Tutoring services come in many different forms and styles, but they have one thing in common: score improvement.

Whether you are being tutored in a small group setting or, even better, you have your own private tutor, you have the opportunity to get extra help and guidance that you would not be able to receive on your own. You could take all of the SAT practice tests in the world, but if you do not have anyone to help you understand and learn from your mistakes, teach you helpful strategies to overcome your individual weaknesses, and use their expertise to show you how to master the test, it will be difficult for you to reach your goal.

While it might not be feasible for you to meet with an SAT tutor in person right now, that does not mean that you have to prepare for the SAT on your own.

There are many online SAT tutoring services that you can use to get ready to take the test this fall.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. PrepExpert Private Tutoring

When it comes to tutoring services, nothing beats working with your own private tutor. While you can get a good start on your SAT prep by using study aids at home or studying with your peers, one of the best ways to guarantee you are ready for the SAT is to hire your own tutor. While some online SAT tutoring services offer small group tutoring, it cannot compare to one-on-one, private tutoring.

There are countless benefits to private tutoring:

  • Individually tailored learning experience: Maybe you are acing the SAT Math sections on your practice tests, but struggling with the essay. A private tutor can specifically tailor their lessons to focus on areas where you need the most help rather than covering all of the sections of the SAT to meet the needs of everyone in a SAT prep class.
  • Information about your strengths and weaknesses: When it comes to naming their weaknesses when taking the SAT, many students do not know where to start. Private tutors can help you pinpoint weaknesses so that you move from saying “I’m not good at the Math section” to learning specific areas for improvement like solving inequalities or using irrational numbers.
  • Academic improvement: With direct instruction geared toward your specific needs, you will find that private tutoring will help you make advances far more quickly than other study aids.

If you want private tutoring that will help you do well on the SAT, PrepExpert offers online private tutoring is guaranteed to boost your score. PrepExpert only uses instructors who scored in the top 1% for the SAT, so you know that your tutor is knowledgeable and highly qualified. PrepExpert makes sure you are matched to a tutor that will be best suited to help you with your specific needs and weaknesses by offering students a questionnaire, finding a strong match within 2 business days, and making sure students and instructors are able to craft a customized roadmap toward success on the SAT.

When it comes to private tutoring, PrepExpert is the best online option available.

2. Kaplan SAT Tutoring

Kaplan SAT Prep offers live online SAT tutoring for students who want to improve their SAT score. With this SAT tutoring class, you can choose between 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours of online tutoring depending on your own personal needs.

When students sign up for these tutoring sessions, they will complete an evaluation, match with a tutor, and work using a customized learning plan to help them reach their personal goals. With expert tutors and proven strategies, Kaplan has one of the more reputable online SAT tutoring services for high school students.

3. Study Point Private Tutoring

Study Point offers one-on-one online tutoring that will help students sharpen their skills before they take the SAT. When students sign up for online tutoring through Study Point, they are given a practice SAT. Study Point analyzes the results of this practice test in order to provide a comprehensive report detailing how each student performs on the various areas of the test.

With this data in mind, the tutors are able to map a specific curriculum that will help students improve their SAT score.

Study Point offers a score increase guarantee, offering 18 hours of free private tutoring if students are unable to meet their goal the first time they take the test.

4. The Princeton Review SAT Tutoring Services

Self-motivated students might benefit from online SAT tutoring through The Princeton Review. This online tutoring allows students to work at their own pace as they communicate with trained tutors and watch pre-created SAT video lessons.

With thousands of practice questions to help students prepare for the SAT, The Princeton Review is great for self-starters who want help from an online tutor to improve their SAT scores.

This online tutoring service also comes with a 150 point score increase guarantee or students will get their money back.

5. Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep only hires full time tutors, so students who use their online SAT tutoring services are working with experts dedicated to developing strategies for acing the test and helping people conquer the SAT.

With Revolution Prep, you can choose private tutoring sessions or small group tutoring sessions to get the guidance and support you need to score highly on the SAT.

When it comes to taking the SAT, it is important that you are doing everything you can to be as prepared as possible. The number one thing you can do to make sure you are ready on test day is to use a private tutoring service like the ones offered at PrepExpert.

Learn more about how PrepExpert can help you increase your SAT test score when you visit our website.

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