Top 10 Free ACT Practice Tests

When it comes to acing the ACT, the old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” rings true.

The best way to earn the score you want on the ACT is to practice as much as possible, taking practice test after practice test until you ultimately reach your goal.

When you take ACT practice tests- and mimic the time limits that you will have to adhere to on the actual test- you will get a good idea of the types of questions you will see on the test, the test-taking strategies that will prove most helpful for you, and mistakes you need to avoid on test day.

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If you want to improve your score on the ACT, I highly recommend that you take the 10 free ACT practice tests below: tests

These free practice tests come straight from, meaning the creators of this test also help create the ACT, so the questions will give you a strong idea of what to expect when you take the ACT.

Although doesn’t provide free practice tests often, the ACT has not changed much over the best 10 years, so older practice tests will still be helpful.

1. online practice test

While this is not a test that you can print out and work on like traditional practice tests, it is still a valuable resource, especially if you are just starting to practice.

You can answer questions for each section of the ACT, receive helpful tips for each section, and review the answers so that you can learn from your mistakes.

2. 2020-2021 ACT practice test

This is the most recent ACT practice test that is available for free. When you finish taking this test, make sure you review the answers and scoring guide.

3. 2016-2017 ACT practice test

After you finish this practice test, be sure to look at the end of the test for the answers and scoring guide.

4. 2015-2016 ACT practice test

When you are finished taking this practice test, don’t forget to review the answers so you can recognize your weaknesses and strengths.

5. 2014-2015 ACT practice test

After you complete this practice test, make sure you look over the answers that are included at the end of the test.

6. 2011-2012 ACT practice test

If you want to improve your score, make sure you check out the answers and scoring guide at the end of this practice test.

7. 2008-2009 ACT practice test

Make sure you take time to review your answers and score your test when you are finished with this practice test.

8. 2005-2006 ACT practice test

Although this practice test is a little bit older, I like it because it will give students a good idea of the level of rigor they should expect when they take the test. Don’t forget to check your answers when you complete this practice test.

Additional practice tests

Although these practice tests are not from, they still provide a good idea of what students will encounter on test day. They also provide in-depth answer explanations and analysis.

9. Union Test Prep online practice test

You can take this test online or you can download it and take it under normal testing conditions. As you take the test, you will see a detailed answer breakdown so that you can learn from your mistakes.

Other benefits to this practice test are that it includes helpful tips and strategies, hints for each question, and information about the ACT that will help you prepare.

10. The Princeton Review online practice test

When you sign up for an account with The Princeton Review, you will be able to take this free online practice test.

When you finish the practice test, you will receive a detailed report with your score as well as an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses on the test.

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