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Prep Expert offers online ACT prep courses that will get your child an incredible ACT score. Our ACT courses are taught by seasoned tutors who have scored in the top 1% of the ACT themselves, have years of teaching experience, and have helped thousands of students ace the ACT using the best test prep methods. Prep Expert Top 1% ACT Instructors will teach your student more than 100 strategies developed by perfect-score Prep Expert Founder Dr. Shaan Patel, and guide your child from beginning to end in the ACT prep process. We offer double the course hours at half the cost per hour compared to other ACT courses, making it easy for your child to stay on track. Prep Expert students have achieved industry-leading average ACT score improvements, received admission into elite universities, and won over $100 million in college scholarships. Sign up for guaranteed results.

100 Perfect-Score Strategies

Your student will learn ACT prep strategies developed by perfect scorers and proven to improve scores for 50,000+ students.

Prep Expert is so confident in our ACT prep, we backup our ACT Prep Courses with the industry’s leading money-back score improvement guarantees:

  • 3-Week Fast Track ACT Prep Course with a 2-Point SAT Score Improvement Guarantee
  • Self-Paced Video ACT Prep Course with a ACT Score Improvement Guarantee

If your child doesn’t achieve the above ACT score improvements after completing the associated ACT course, we will refund 100% of your money! See Terms of Service for complete details and qualification requirements.

4+ Point Improvement Guarantee

If your child doesn’t improve his or her ACT score by 4 points, we will refund 100% of your money!

At Prep Expert, we take teaching very seriously. Our ACT instructors are exceptional, which is why we pay them more than any other test prep company, and only hire teachers who love teaching and really care about students and their performance. You'd think it would be enough that all of our instructors scored in the 99th percentile on the ACT themselves, but on top of that they have also demonstrated an extraordinary propensity to teach material in a fun, personalized, and results-driven way.

Top 1% ACT Instructors

Every ACT Prep Course is taught by a Prep Expert instructor who scored perfect or in the top 1% on the ACT.

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Keeping our students engaged is at the core of our live online ACT prep classes. We have carefully selected the best possible ACT instructors who specialize in making the course content both informative and captivating.

Our ACT prep classes are taught live online, which means the instructor is on screen via a live video feed, and students ask questions to the teacher as well as communicate with other students through a live chat to simulate an in-person class session.

Our 6-Week Flagship ACT prep course consists of 72 hours, including meeting with the instructor for 3 hours twice per week for class, a self-proctored 4-hour ACT practice exam once per week, and roughly 2 hours of homework per week. Throughout the course, our students complete 6 practice ACT exams and then review difficult problems with the instructor in class. This process helps them to master the skills that are needed to truly excel on the ACT. The Prep Expert ACT prep courses are both demanding and engaging. We take our students’ success seriously.

We provide very thorough ACT study materials for our students. When you enroll in a 3-week Fast Track or 6-week Flagship course, you will be given access to our student dashboard where you can download (and keep!) all six of Prep Expert’s eBooks written by Prep Expert founder Dr. Shaan Patel.

Our ACT prep materials are unique and built specifically to improve ACT performance for our students. They are packed with high-yield strategies and practical tips that really make a difference when tackling a standardized test as well as step-by-step breakdowns of different types of problems and questions that a student is likely to encounter when taking the ACT.

Our students maintain access to both the study books and lessons even after their course has already come to an end. Students who enroll in the 6-week Flagship or 3-week Fast Track ACT prep courses keep their access to the Prep Expert student dashboard and all the study materials for 60 days after their last class is over.

Prep Expert ACT courses are for students who really want to improve their ACT score. We offer an industry-leading score improvement guarantee, and are driven to give our students the best

possible strategies to improve. We recommend our courses to students that are willing to work for their success - on our end, we promise to provide the best possible tools to do so.

We know that scoring high on the ACT opens a lot of doors and creates unique opportunities from lucrative scholarships to access to the most prestigious academic programs in the country. An investment of time and energy now with a Prep Expert ACT course can pay significant dividends in years to come and set your life up for success.