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Prep Expert changes more than just SAT & ACT scores. Below are just a few of the thousands of Prep Expert students who have received admission into elite universities, won millions in college scholarships, and tangibly improved their futures.

Perfect SAT Score

Celina Paudel took a Live Online Prep Expert SAT Course as a sophomore in high school. She improved her SAT score 240 points after the course and achieved a perfect SAT score! Of the 50 million students who have taken the SAT, about 10,000 have gotten perfect scores – that’s just .02%! Celina is now one of our most popular Prep Expert SAT Instructors who helps other students achieve great SAT scores!

$1.4 Million Scholarships

Neal Bhandari was on a mission. After taking a Prep Expert SAT Course and improving his SAT score 250 points, he wanted to use his score to go to college for free. So he applied to many scholarships and universities that offered merit-based scholarships. Neal ultimately received $1.4 million in college scholarship offers and is now attending Vassar College where he is not spending a dime on tuition.

Ivy League Dreams

Michael Kwok had only completed the 9th grade when he took a Prep Expert SAT Course. After the course, he improved his score by 350 points. Michael’s 99th percentile SAT score helped him gain acceptance into the Ivy League: The University of Pennsylvania. Michael says, “I consistently recommend Prep Expert’s methods over huge brands like Kaplan or Princeton Review.”

97th Percentile ACT Score

Ryan Blount took our Prep Expert ACT Course and improved his ACT score from the 75th to the 97th percentile! Ryan says, “Prep Expert has substantially altered my future all thanks to understandable tactics for conquering both the SAT and the ACT. Without Prep Expert, I would never have the chance to attend one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world: West Point!”

Stanford Acceptance

Julia Espero took the Prep Expert SAT Course as a junior in high school. After improving her SAT score 390 points, she was admitted to Stanford University. Julia says, that her SAT score was “much higher than I could have ever expected to gain without your assistance and raising my SAT score through your program made a world of a difference.”

National Merit Scholar

Ian McCue took the Prep Expert SAT Course as a 9th grader in high school. Because he took our course early on in his high school career, he was also ready for the PSAT. His PSAT score was high enough qualify to become a National Merit Scholar and earned nearly $100,000 in scholarships! In fact, Prep Expert which started in Las Vegas, often creates 20-25% of all the National Merit scholars in Nevada.

Stanford Tennis Star

Kimberly was a top recruit for tennis in high school. However, in order to go to her dream school, Stanford, she needed to get her SAT score up. After taking a Prep Expert SAT Course, she raised her SAT score 440 points! This was just the score boost she needed. She was admitted into Stanford University on a full-ride athletic scholarship for tennis!

Perfect SAT Score

Neil Bickford was homeschooled, so his mother, Carolyn, helped him use Prep Expert methods to achieve a perfect SAT score. She said, “Neil’s very smart, but he needed to learn what it was they wanted in order to test well. Shaan identifies the kinds of questions the test will ask so you know to study towards that. Other guides will repeat what the College Board says it wants students to know; this one tells you what they're really looking for.”

Perfect SAT Score

Shirley Ye never dreamed that she would achieve a perfect score on the SAT. But that is exactly what happened after she used Prep Expert SAT strategies as a senior in high school. In fact, she improved her SAT score 240 points. She says, “Your strategies gave me smooth path to walk on. College seems much less intimidating now.”

UC Berkeley Acceptance

John Siano improved his SAT score by over 300 points using Prep Expert methods. He says, “The essay template was amazing, and I specifically loved the "line specific" method, which helped me improve from a 680 Reading Score to a 790. I was recently accepted into both UC Berkeley and UCLA, I can attribute a large part of my acceptances to the high SAT score I achieved.”

Perfect SAT Score

Michelle Malwane was motivated in the 10th grade. She paid for a Prep Expert SAT Course herself using money she earned from Kumon tutoring. Michelle improved 490 points to a perfect SAT score! She emailed her Prep Expert instructor, “I wanted to thank you for all the guidance that you gave me during this course! I’m very grateful to have had such a great instructor!”

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Chances of a perfect SAT score are 1 in 5,000 - or .02%! Here's a short list of some of our students we've helped get there.

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