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Celina Paudel Perfect SAT Score

Celina Paudel took a Live Online Prep Expert SAT Course as a sophomore in high school. She improved her SAT score 240 points after the course and achieved a perfect SAT score! Of the 50 million students who have taken the SAT, about 10,000 have gotten perfect scores – that’s just .02%! Celina is now one of our most popular Prep Expert SAT Instructors who helps other students achieve great SAT scores!

Celina Paudel - Perfect SAT Prep Expert Score
Zeshan Gondal - Perfect SAT Prep Expert Score

Zeshan Gondal Harvard, Yale, Princeton

Zeshan Gondal attended a large, urban public school in Brooklyn when he began to use Prep Expert methods. He improved his SAT score so significantly that he was accepted into EVERY college that he applied to including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Zeshan is now completing his studies at Yale.

Neal Bhandari $1.4 Million Scholarships

Neal Bhandari was on a mission. After taking a Prep Expert SAT Course and improving his SAT score 250 points, he wanted to use his score to go to college for free. So he applied to many scholarships and universities that offered merit-based scholarships. Neal ultimately received $1.4 million in college scholarship offers and is now attending Vassar College where he is not spending a dime on tuition. :)

Neal Bhandari - Perfect SAT Prep Expert Score

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Chances of a perfect SAT score are 1 in 5,000 - or .02%! Here's a short list of some of our students we've helped get there.

Shaan Patel
Ryan Fitzgibbons
Shirley Ye
Neil Bickford
Abhinav Singh
Michelle Malwane
Celina Paudel
Clay Cooper