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Who is it for?

  • Our affiliate program is a great fit for bloggers, influencers, Youtube creators, or review sites whose audience are parents, teachers or high school students
  • We offer ACT and SAT courses, AP review courses, college admission counseling, k-12 tutoring, and academic success coaching
  • If this describes you and your audience, then you are a perfect fit for our affiliate program!

What are the benefits for the affiliate?

  • High commissions
  • 10% commission from tutoring packages
  • 20% commission from all courses
  • Cookies tracks for 120 days
  • Ready made advertising materials

Becoming our affiliate is simple

Sign up and apply for the program

We will review your application. Once accepted, you will get access to your affiliate dashboard featuring your personal tracking link, sales, and advertising materials

Tell your audience about Prep Expert

Create quality content for your audience and embed your tracking link

Earn commission

Every time your custom link converts a sale for Prep Expert, you get a commission! All commissions are paid once a month

Why Prep Expert?

  • Top 1% Instructors. Prep Expert courses are taught by the top 1% of instructors in the world. All Prep Expert Instructors must score in the 99th percentile of the test that they teach so that only absolute masters of the exam are teaching your student
  • Proven results. Over 50,000 students have improved their test scores with us and earned Over $100M in scholarships
  • Wide variety of course options. One size does not fit all. Students can choose from self-paced courses with on-demand videos, live online courses, and private
  • Industry-Leading Score Improvement Guarantees. If test scores do not improve, we will refund 100% of the tuition. See our Terms of Service for details

We are dedicated to helping you succeed!

  • You can test our courses for free.
  • Exclusive discount codes. Offer your audience up to $300 discount for our online courses.
  • Send traffic to our webinars and earn commission. If someone you sent to the webinar becomes a student at Prep Expert within the next 120 days, you will earn a commission.

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  • Affiliate Program Policy

    Click here to see the Affiliate Program’s Policies.

  • How should I promote Prep Expert?

    Promote Prep Expert in a way that is the most natural for your audience. Advertising materials can be found on your affiliate
    dashboard. If you need any custom visuals, reach out to [email protected]

    PS: please note that no Prep Expert branded PPC campaigns are allowed without our team’s written consent

  • Where can I find my unique link?

    You can find your unique link from your affiliate dashboard

  • How will I get paid?

    You earn commission when someone who has used your affiliate link becomes our active customer. The commission will be paid out once per month via PayPal.

  • How long will the cookies track?

    The cookies will track for 120 days

  • What if I have more questions?

    Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]