Class of 2023 Early Decision Acceptance Rates

Colleges and universities around the country are starting to announce their Early Decision rounds for students accepting into the Class of 2023.

Here are the early decision acceptance rates for the Class of 2023 so far at Ivy League schools and other popular institutions around the country.

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class of 2023 early decision acceptance rates

Ivy League Class of 2023 Early Decision Acceptance Rates

Take a minute to see how the Ivy League is shaping up for this year’s students so far.

School Applied Admitted Early Decision %
Brown University 4,230 769 18
Columbia University 4461 650 14.57
Cornell University 6159 1395 22.65
Dartmouth College 2474 574 23.2
Harvard University 6958 935 13.44
University of Pennslyvania 7110 1279 18
Princeton University 5335 743 13.9
Yale University 6020 794 13

Additional Early Decision Rates For Class Of 2023 (So Far)

Take a minute to see if your dream school has announced their early decision rates yet.

School Applied Admitted Early Decision %
Boston College 16000 4480 28
Duke University 4852 882 18
Emory University 1910 815 43
Georgetown University 7802 919 12
University of Georgia 17000 7500 44
Georgia Tech 20289 4000 20
Johns Hopkins University 2068 641 31
MIT 9600 707 7
Northwestern University 4399 1100 25
Notre Dame University 7334 1534 21
Princeton University 5335 743 14
Rice University 2628 408 16
Villanova University 13198 3656 28


Ivy League Early Decision Trends For Class Of 2023

The number one trend that is easily seen in the recently released numbers is a continued tightening of early decision admissions by many Ivy League schools.

Once again, It’s important to remember that these percentages, released normally during the month of December, are for early decision admissions only. Regular decisions can affect the overall acceptance rate, come later in the year.

Those rates are normally released in the spring for most colleges and universities. Only then, once both rates are averaged together, can you see exactly how stringent a school was towards a particular class. Bear those facts in mind, as we compare the numbers between the classes of 2022 and 2023.

One of the most significant drops we’ve seen compared to last year occurred at Brown University. Holding steady between 21.5% and 21%, for the classes of 2021 and 2022 respectively, Brown exhibited a sharp drop in early decisions with only an 18% rate. With over 4,000 eager applicants hoping for an early decision, less than 800 received the lucky letter in their mailboxes.

Another drop worth noting occurred at Yale, which for now has the most stringent early decision rate amongst the Ivy League at 13% compared to last year’s 14.7%. With a near two percent plunge, Yale shows no signs of easing up, as over 5000 applicants were told no by the university. Again, less than 800 students passed the early decision rounds.

Cornell has proven to be the most generous to the class of 2023 so far, with a nearly 23% early decision rate. Out of just over 6,000 applicants, nearly 1,400 were accepted into this year’s class. Again, how things go during regular admissions in the spring could lower that number. However, for students looking for an Ivy League school that’s easier during early decision, both Cornell and Dartmouth are worth researching.

Popular Schools’ Early Decision Rate Trends For Class Of 2023

Among other popular schools currently releasing early admission data for 2023, keep an eye on a number of trends.

First, Emory and the University of Georgia are exhibiting the highest rates for far at 43% and 44% respectively. While both schools have similar rates, be aware that Georgia’s overall admitted class is significantly larger than that of Emory’s right now.

However, given Emory’s status as a private university, it’s not surprising that the applicant pool is significantly smaller. Georgia Tech, on the other hand, has a notably tighter rate this year at 20%, with only 4,000 applicants making the cut out of nearly 21,000 applicants. Not surprisingly, East Coast powerhouses MIT, Georgetown, and Princeton maintained low double and single digit acceptance rates of 7%, 12%, and 14%.

However, other well-known schools with more agreeable early decision rates included Villanova, Boston College, and Johns Hopkins. With all three being well-known, private research universities, these are great schools to look at for their various medical and engineering programs, if those are majors you’re currently interested in pursuing.

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How Prep Expert Can Help You

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In the end, don’t look at these early decision rates with discouragement. Look at them as benchmarks that you can reach if you put in the effort. The class of 2023 is on its way to being decided but future classes are wide open and waiting for students to apply. Seize the opportunity when it arrives.

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