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How To Get 800 On SAT Reading?

If your goal is to get into a highly selective college or university, like one of the eight Ivy League schools, you will want your SAT Reading score to be as high as possible.

While a score in the 680-750 range is impressive, nothing will make you more competitive than answering all 40 questions correctly and earning an 800 on this section.

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to get a perfect score on the SAT Reading section:

Earning a score of 800 will put you in the 99th percentile of all test takers, and it will increase the likelihood that you will earn scholarship money and get accepted into the school of your dreams.

Also, many Ivy League schools look for students to have a composite score of at least 1550 on the SAT. If math is not your forte, it can be difficult for you to get 1550 without having an SAT reading score that is close to perfect.

While earning a perfect score on the SAT Reading section is far easier said than done, it is not impossible.

If you master my recommended strategies and tips below, you can earn a perfect score (or a near-perfect score) on the Reading section the next time you take the SAT:

Figure out your weaknesses

Do you seem to have a solid understanding of what you’re reading, but you struggle to get through the passages in time?

Do you find yourself reading the same lines over and over again without comprehending what is being said?

It’s important for you to find out exactly what your weaknesses are on the SAT Reading section so that you know what areas you need to improve before test day.

Taking an official SAT practice test can help you identify your weaknesses.

For instance, you might find that even when you allow yourself extra time to complete the SAT Reading section, you are still missing several questions. This would indicate that your issue may not necessarily be related to the time constraints, but rather due to a lack of understanding of the content or the types of questions being asked.

Or, if you struggle to answer questions correctly in the given time, but you get close to a perfect score with extra time, you will know that your weakness is managing your time.

Once you know your weakness, you can implement strategies that will help you overcome these challenges. For example, if you’re struggling with time management, you can practice strategies like skimming the passage or skipping questions that you are taking too long to answer so that you can come back to them later.

Knowing what your main challenge is will be essential for guiding your study strategy and helping you improve your score.

Find the right reading approach

Typically test-takers tackle the SAT Reading section in one of three ways:

  1. Reading the entire passage and then answering the questions.
  2. Skimming the passage and then answering the questions.
  3. Reading the questions first and then going through the passage to find the answers.

The first approach is great if you are a strong reader and you’re able to read quickly without a lapse in understanding. The second approach is beneficial for people who are struggling to complete the Reading section in the allotted time, but have strong reading comprehension. The third approach is best for those who have a strong sense of what the Reading questions typically ask test-takers to do, and those who want to use strategy to save time on this section.

Find out which approach is best for you considering your specific strengths and weaknesses. You can do this by frequently practicing reading passages, trying out new strategies, and determining which approach yields the best results.

When you know which approach will be the most effective for you, it will help you boost your SAT Reading score.

Eliminate wrong answers

The good thing about the SAT is that there is never more than one correct answer for each question. This means that when you are answering questions for the SAT Reading section, you should be able to eliminate three answers that are wrong.

When you are having difficulty finding the right answer, try looking at the potential solutions and determining which ones could not possibly be correct. When you can pinpoint something wrong with an answer option, it makes it easier for you to use the process of elimination to find the right answers.

Review, review, review

It is not good enough for you to just take practice tests or answer practice questions. You must spend time reviewing your mistakes so that you can learn from them and avoid making the same errors in the future. 

Think of every missed practice question as an opportunity to boost your score. If you simply recognize you made a mistake and move on, you are missing the valuable chance to find out why you made this mistake so that you can confidently answer that type of question on test day.

If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you are doomed to repeat them. Every time you miss a question or you have to guess on a question on your practice tests, find out the exact reason why you got that question wrong. I don’t mean saying things like “I read too fast,” or “I made a silly mistake, but it won’t happen again.” I mean actually dig deep and try to figure out the exact problem with the way you approached the question and your thought process when selecting an answer.

Learn from experts

When you are able to use these strategies above, it can help you earn a perfect score on the SAT Reading section. One of the most effective ways to identify your weaknesses, figure out the reading approach that works best for you, learn how to eliminate wrong answers, and find out how to learn from your mistakes is to work with an SAT expert.

At Prep Expert, we have expert instructors who scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT who teach our SAT prep courses and serve as private SAT tutors. With their assistance, you can learn dozens of SAT Reading strategies, find out the flaws in your SAT Reading approach, and get personalized instruction that will help you review for the SAT.

While you can always study for the SAT on your own, self-study pales in comparison to working with those who have the expertise to help you reach a score that they have already earned themselves. Our SAT Prep courses have helped thousands of students improve their SAT scores, and our private tutors have helped students earn countless scholarships based on their SAT performance.

Prep Expert can help you earn an 800 on the Reading section of the SAT. See why thousands of students have trusted Prep Expert to give them the tools they need to do well on the SAT when you visit our website.

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