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Unsure about whether or not your dream school will admit you? We understand how stressful the college application process is, especially when it comes to low acceptance rate colleges. The best thing to do though is finding out which colleges are especially difficult to get into every year.

Here is a list of the top low acceptance rate colleges today, based on how stringent they are with accepting new students. Check to see if your dream school is included.

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Low Acceptance Rate Colleges

School Name Acceptance Rate (as of 2019)
Curtis Institute of Music 4.9%
Stanford University 5.1%
Harvard University 6%
Yale University 6.3%
Columbia University 7%
Alice Lloyd College 7.1%
Princeton University 7.4%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 7.9%
United States Naval Academy 7.9%
College of the Ozarks 8.3%
Juilliard School 8.4%
Brown University 8.7%
California Institute of Technology 8.8%
University of Chicago 8.8%
United States Military Academy 9.5%
University of Pennsylvania 10.5%
Claremont McKenna College 10.9%
Duke University 11.5%
Dartmouth College 11.5%
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering 12%
Colorado College 18%
University of Southern California 18%
United States Coast Guard Academy 18.1%
University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) 18.5%
Williams College 19.4%
Washington and Lee University 19.6%
Liberty University 20.3%
Florida Memorial University 20.5%
University of Notre Dame 21.5%
Davidson College 21.7%
Missouri Valley College 22.2%
United States Merchant Marine Academy 22.4%
Carleton College 22.8%
Vassar College 23.5%
Barnard College 23.7%
Wesleyan University 23.9%
Fort Valley State University 24.2%
Art Academy of Cincinnati 24.3%
Robert Morris University 24.4%
Carnegie Mellon University 24.6%
Haverford College 24.7%
Kenyon College 25.1%
Bates College 25.4%
Jackson State University 26.1%
Colgate University 26.1%
Warner University 26.2%
Babson College 26.4%
Hamilton College 26.4%
Emory University 26.8%
Lincoln University 27.1%
Edward Waters College 27.3%
Scripps College 27.4%
California Institute of Arts 27.7%
CUNY–Baruch College 28%
Grinnell College 28%
Tulane University 28%
Colby College 28.1%
College of New Rochelle 28.5%
University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill 28.5%
CUNY–Lehman College 29%
University of Virginia 29%
Hampton University 29.1%
Lafayette College 29.8%
Chicago State University 30%
Calumet College of St. Joseph 30.3%
Wellesley College 30.5%
Bucknell University 30.7%
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo 30.9%
Hope International University 31%
Wilson College 31.4%
Southwestern Adventist University 31.5%
University of Richmond 31.9%
Northeastern University 32%
University of Michigan–Ann Arbor 32.3%
Ohio Valley University 32.5%
Oberlin College 32.7%
College of William and Mary 33%
Trinity College 33%
Webb Institute 33%

Words Of Wisdom

Don’t be discouraged if your dream school is on this list.

If it is, then don’t let that fact stop you from applying. A low acceptance rate isn’t a death sentence for your chances to get in. It means that you will need to work extra hard to get your test scores up, extracurriculars in order, and keep your GPA as high as possible.

With that being said, the first step in the process is getting your ACT or SAT scores as strong as possible. The stronger you can make your SAT or ACT scores, the less strain you’ll put on your other application components.

While a perfect test score is not a 100% guarantee to get into your dream school, it definitely will help impress admissions boards and help garner scholarship money. Therefore, don’t be discouraged if your dream school is on this list; get motivated instead.

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