ACT Punctuation Tips and Rules | Tricky Punctuation

act punctuation tips and rules

To better ace the ACT English test, here are some handy ACT punctuation tips and rules about three pesky marks that trip students up: colons, semicolons, and dashes. Besides punctuation, here's a handy list of ACT vocabulary works to review that'll reduce any chances of surprise. Three Tricky Punctuation Marks…

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What Does The ACT Measure | Section By Section

what does the act measure

We talk about the ACT, but what is each section supposed to measure from test-takers? Today, let's answer in a nutshell, what does the ACT measure from students. What does the ACT measure? Let's take a quick look at what it is meant to examine in students. Here's the latest…

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ACT Test Structure In A Nutshell

act test structure

How is the ACT structured? To start breaking the test down and identifying what you need to prepare for, here's the ACT test structure at a glance. Besides knowing how it's structured, it's good to have battle-tested strategies to pull from on your first ACT attempt, and any retakes you…

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100 ACT Words | Vocabulary To Study

act words

The ACT, just like the SAT, tests your vocabulary. To make life easier, practice using these ACT words that are likely to show up sooner or later. Learn how to prepare for standardized tests with our year-round SAT prep and ACT prep courses today. [act_one] 100 ACT Words That You…

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10 ACT English Practice Tips

act english practice

Here are ten ACT English practice tips that will help you drill down into grammar rules that you need to know well. More details below. For even more expert advice on the ACT English test, consider taking an ACT prep course with Prep Expert. [act_one] 10 ACT English Practice Tips…

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ACT Grammar Practice Tips

act grammar practice

To ace the ACT English section, your grammar skills have to be on point. These ACT grammar practice tips will help you focus on what the test uses to trick you. Here are some common idiom errors to keep an eye out for on the ACT. [act_one] 10 ACT Grammar…

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ACT Sections 101 | How The Test Is Structured

act sections

If you're looking at taking the ACT, then you first need to understand its basic structure. Here are the different ACT sections and what they'll test you on. If you're looking for a shortcut for how to handle the ACT English section, or need some ACT grammar tips instead, we…

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9 ACT English Tips You Need to Know

Even if English is your least-favorite class, there’s no reason to sweat the ACT English test, the first part of the exam and the second-longest. Just follow the tips and tricks listed below, and you’ll be well on your way to a 36! If you want to ace the ACT…

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