ACT Test Dates & Registration Deadlines: 2019 & 2020

The table below contains all of the important ACT dates and deadlines through 2020. For each administration of the test, the test date, registration deadline, and late registration deadline are given. If you're interested in planning out your schedule around an ACT prep course or tutoring package, feel free to…

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10 Helpful ACT Grammar Tips

The ACT English section presents students with plenty of challenges by making them focus on every grammatical detail. The test makers are more than happy to trip you up by slipping grammar mistakes so basic that you might miss them. Unfortunately, missing those details will take off points from your…

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How To Guess On The ACT

At Prep Expert, we believe that sufficient test prep cancels out virtually all surprises when taking the ACT. However, we realize that nerves and odd questions can throw anyone off. That's why, if you have to guess on the ACT, at least put the odds in your favor. Here are…

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SAT vs ACT Scores Comparison Tables

sat vs act scores

In 2018, The College Board and ACT came together and created new concordance tables designed to help educators, parents, and students compare official SAT and ACT scores. These updated tables are now considered the official reference source when comparing SAT and ACT scores since they were last released in 2016.…

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10 ACT Score Improvement Tips

act score improvement tips

Scoring a perfect 36 on the ACT is difficult, especially on the first try. However, even if you don't do so, you can always improve your overall ACT score from one test date to the next, as long as you plan ahead and consistently work hard. Here are 10 easy-to-do…

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Celebrity ACT Scores

Getting ready for the ACT, just like the SAT, is for many students a sometimes mundane-feeling task in comparison with school, sports, family, relationships, etc. It’s a test that can you get into your dream school but it’s not exactly glamorous either. You’d be surprised to know which celebrities have…

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Should You Take The SAT and ACT

should you take the sat and act

We’ve had plenty of high school students message us and ask “should you take the SAT and ACT?” Because this is a common question with a not-so-simple answer, we wanted to take a minute now to address it once and for all to help you decide for yourself. Here are…

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ACT Checklist For Test Day

act checklist

After all the time and studying that you’ve done for the ACT, now comes the nerve-wracking test day. There’s little reason to stress though as all you need to do is bring a few items with you and be mindful of the ACT’s official rules. Let's take a look at…

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ACT vs SAT Essay Differences

good things to put on a college application

Despite being optional, the ACT and SAT Essay sections are still important tests to take because the skills they stress are important in both academic and professional life. Students who do decide to take them will have advantages over those who skip them, in the long term. Let’s take a…

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ACT vs SAT Math Differences

act vs sat math

Many people out there don't like dealing with Math more than is absolutely necessary, especially when it comes to tests. Unfortunately, the SAT and ACT will test you thoroughly on a number of Math concepts you need, in order to prove your knowledge and succeed in college. Here are some…

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