ACT Conversion To SAT | How To Guide

act conversion

After recent redesigns, the ACT and SAT are almost identical today. Both cover the same overall subject matter and look similar to each other. However, they both operate on two very different point scales. Here is a quick and easy ACT conversion to ACT score guide. A major question we…

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ACT Score Percentiles | How They Work

act score percentiles

What exactly are ACT score percentiles? How do they work? Believe it or not, these percentiles play a role in what school you'll get into eventually. Let's discuss why. Interested in knowing the average ACT score in your home state? What Are ACT Score Percentiles? Your ACT score percentile rank…

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How To Calculate ACT Score | The Basics

how to calculate act score

This is the process of how to calculate ACT score, broken down by section, and your overall composite score. It will help your own test prep. Here's an idea of ACT scores that colleges are looking for in 2020. How To Calculate ACT Score: How It Works ACT Raw vs…

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ACT Writing Score Breakdown And Criteria

act writing score

Taking the ACT with the writing section provides you additional scores to send to colleges and universities for consideration. The ACT Writing score can definitely help your chances if you do well on it. Here is a breakdown of how the ACT Writing score is determined point by point. Here's…

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Average ACT Score For Sophomores

average act score for sophomores

Thinking about taking the ACT during your sophomore year? You definitely can, but the average ACT score for sophomores probably isn't as high as you think it could be. Here's a quick rundown of what ACT scores schools are looking for in 2020. The Short Answer Before we go into…

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Do Colleges Prefer SAT or ACT Scores?

do colleges prefer sat or act

The SAT or ACT? Which one should I take? Do colleges prefer SAT or ACT scores? Again, we're asked these questions, a lot. Do colleges prefer SAT or ACT scores? Really, which one do they want more? Don't worry, we're here to answer those questions here. For further reference, here's…

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Average ACT Score by State

One of the best ways to improve your opportunities for college admission is to have a high ACT score. While you do not need to have a perfect score to get into college (although it certainly doesn’t hurt!), getting a score that is higher than average will significantly boost your…

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College ACT Scores | 2020 Latest Updates

college act scores

With the Fall semester coming up for college freshmen, one piece of information you can always use is what college ACT scores to aim for when testing. Here are the latest score ranges for hundreds of schools right now. When it comes to college SAT scores, you should keep an…

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ACT Score For Scholarships | Target Score Ranges

act score for scholarships

Use your ACT score to pay for college, not just to get into one. Scholarship opportunities are everywhere. To tap into that money, let's talk about what ACT score for scholarships is needed. Always make sure to take a moment and check out our various SAT prep and ACT prep…

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How The University of California And Test-Optional Colleges Are Cheating Students Out Of Billions

Due to COVID-19, some colleges are going test-optional and there is increasing public sentiment that the SAT or ACT may not be important to applications this year. Parents and students are relieved that they no longer have to worry about preparing for standardized exams. I’m sorry, but you have been…

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