Common SAT Math Mistakes

Taking the SAT soon? Not a big Math fan? Dreading being tested on Math on the SAT? If you said “yes” to all three questions, it’s ok. You don’t have to love Math in order to do well on the SAT Math section. First step: avoid losing easy points by sidestepping common SAT Math mistakes. If Math isn’t your strongest suit, then being tested on it when taking the SAT…

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SAT Practice Test Tips For Better Results

SAT test prep isn’t studying math equations and various readings alone. An important component is taking frequent practice tests to further discover and refine your weak areas. Use these SAT practice test tips to get the most out of your studying and develop effective habits for test day itself. When your practicing is wrapped up, make sure to follow these test day tips for greater success. [sat_one] Be Mindful Of…

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Top 10 College Admissions, Scholarship, & SAT Prep Secrets

I share some of the best secrets related to college admissions, scholarships, and SAT prep in this free webinar! Watch and learn the following information: [sat_one] Secret #1: How to Raise a Successful High School Student Secret #2: How to Get a Perfect SAT or ACT Score Secret #3: How to Get Into The Ivy League Secret #4: How to Find Easy Scholarships to Win Secret #5: How to Win $100,000+…

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