Avoid These Common SAT Mistakes

When taking the SAT, it's normal to get nervous, no matter how much you've practiced beforehand. However, don't let that nervousness force you to make silly mistakes that will cost you dearly when your scores are calculated. Don't get tripped up by these very basic but common SAT mistakes on…

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How Many Times To Take The SAT

You should probably take the SAT more than once unless you do amazing on your first try. However, because there’s so much pressure on students today to impress college admissions boards, it’s easy to go overboard and take the test excessively. It’s important to know when it’s time to finally…

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SAT Checklist For Test Day

sat checklist

After all the time and studying that you’ve done for it, now finally comes the nerve-wracking SAT test day. Thankfully, all you need to do is bring a few items with you and be mindful of the College Board’s rules. Let's take a look at our SAT checklist on what…

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SAT Prep Tip – How to Write the SAT Essay Before You See The Topic

should you take the new sat essay

Watch this great SAT prep tip: How to Write the SAT Essay Before You See The Topic! [sat_one] For more test strategy, college admissions, and scholarship application tips sign up for our FREE class happening right now!

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