What Does The SAT Measure

what does the sat measure

We talk about the SAT in every dimension, but how about what the entire test measures overall? Today, let's answer in a nutshell, what does the SAT measure from students for moving forward. What does the SAT measure? Let's take a quick look at what it is meant to examine…

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SAT Writing and Language | 5 Practical Strategies

sat writing and language strategies

The SAT Writing and Language test is known to trick students with grammar rules. The good news is there are key strategies you can use that sidestep most of these tricks. Here are 5 practical SAT Writing and Language section strategies that will help you avoid some of the common…

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SAT Math Strategies | 5 Prep Tips For Success

sat math strategies

If you're not the strongest at Math, then the SAT Math test can look intimidating. It's really not too bad. There are clear, easy SAT Math strategies you can use before, and during, test day to ensure a positive score result. Here are 5 SAT Math strategies that will prepare…

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SAT Reading Strategies | 5 Ways To Improve Your Score

sat reading strategies

The SAT Reading section can provide trouble for students not prepared for the actual reading passages themselves. However, there are SAT reading strategies you can use to crack the passage questions easily. Use these SAT Reading strategies to effectively tackle the associated questions correctly within the time limit. Besides reading,…

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Should I Retake The SAT? | What You Should Know

should i retake the sat

Should I retake the SAT? We're asked that question a lot. The short answer is...probably. But understand why first. Here is what you need to know before asking yourself "should I retake the SAT?" Here's a ton of SAT prep hacks that will help you on the next test round.…

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SAT Weekend 2020 Test Dates | Latest Updates

sat weekend 2020 test dates

The College Board recently announced new test dates to help students take the SAT within the 2020 calendar year. Here are the latest SAT weekend 2020 test dates, as well as information on recommended safety measures for every test administration. If you weren't already aware of what to bring on…

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SAT Test Subjects | What To Actually Focus On

sat test subjects

You know that the SAT tests you on a variety of subjects. However, before starting your test prep, make sure to know what SAT test subjects you actually need to review. Besides knowing the subjects themselves, you also need to figure out how much time you need to actually study…

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SAT Reading Practice Tips

sat reading practice

The SAT Reading section is deceptively difficult because of how it taxes your time usage. If you don't know how to tackle the reading passages, you won't answer every question. Here then are some SAT Reading practice tips that will help on test day. If, in the future, you want…

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SAT Writing Section | 5 Hacks For Test Day Success

sat writing section

The SAT Writing section is especially tough if you don't prepare for it. The time constraints and attention to detail often derail unprepared students. Use the five strategies below both before, and on, test day to ace this section. To make life even easier, we've also outlined the most common…

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College SAT Scores | 2020 Latest Updates

college sat scores

With so many schools going test-optional and the Fall semester looming, one piece of information you can count on is what college SAT scores you should shoot for. Here then are some of the latest score ranges for hundreds of schools right now. When it comes to college SAT scores,…

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