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The Ultimate Test-Taking Strategies for Boosting SAT and ACT Scores With Tim Prunyi of Prep Expert

Tim Prunyi is the Director of Academics at Prep Expert, one of the fastest-growing ed-tech companies that specializes in online SAT and ACT preparation. By offering full-length and live online courses, on-demand video courses, one-on-one private tutoring, and more, Tim and his team are helping students get life-changing scholarship money and admission into the college of their dreams. His mission is to revolutionize STEM education.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Tim Prunyi talks about Prep Expert and why it exists
  • Tips and tricks students can use to score big on a test 
  • Psychological tips people should know before sitting down for an exam
  • The typical mistakes students make while preparing for test day and during the exam itself
  • Tim shares his favorite student resources for finding scholarship money
  • Why should you invest in a program like Prep Expert even when you are doing well? 
  • How do people find Prep Expert?
  • Common questions Tim gets from people interested in Prep Expert 
  • What are some of the common issues people experience when they start with Prep Expert? 
  • Tim talks about some of the associations and foundations they’ve partnered with

In this episode…

How does your child perform on tests? Do they pass with flying colors, just make it by, or fall short? No matter where they’re at right now, what if you could give their ACT and SAT scores a comprehensive boost?

According to Tim Prunyi, the current education system is preparing students for the 19th Century instead of the 21st. What students need to become better test takers is multifold: early preparation, practice tests, and a distraction-free study environment, to name a few. Enter Prep Expert, an ed-tech company that’s here to revolutionize education. 

In this episode of The Parents of High-Achieving Students Podcast, Tim Prunyi, the Director of Academics at Prep Expert, is interviewed by Dr. Jeremy Weisz, the Co-founder of Rise25, to discuss the ways parents can raise their child’s ACT and SAT scores. Tim explains the tips and tricks students should use to pass a test, the mistakes students make while preparing and taking a test, and why you should invest with Prep Expert. Tune in to learn test-taking strategies that have been proven to work.

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Prep Expert helps students secure life-changing scholarship money and gain admission into the college of their dreams. 

Prep Expert offers full-length, live, online SAT and ACT courses, private tutoring for hundreds of subjects, on-demand video courses, and more.

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Leading the way in online test preparation with perfect-score strategies, top instructors, and the industry-leading score improvement guarantee, Prep Expert is revolutionizing the way tests are taken. 

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Because changing your score can change your life.

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