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Prep Expert courses are taught by the top 1% instructors in the world! If your child’s SAT score does not improve by 200 points or ACT score by 4 points after our Flagship 6-Week Online Course, we will refund 100% of your money.

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4.62 out of 5 Based on 2,250 Verified Reviews

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Meet Your Instructors

Every Prep Expert instructor has a perfect score or has scored in the Top 1% on the test that they teach.

Meet Your Instructors

Every Prep Expert instructor has a perfect score or has scored in the Top 1% on the test that they teach.

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If you want to get scholarships, if you want to get financial aid, if you want to reduce your cost of college, Prep Expert is the only way to go! Take classes online.
Mark Cuban
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Since appearing on Shark Tank, Prep Expert has become one of the world's fastest growing educational companies. And we're just getting started!

Shaan Patel

From The Desk Of Dr. Shaan Patel

Dear Parent,

From growing up in my family’s budget Las Vegas motel to attending the worst public school district in the nation — where 40% of students dropped out — the odds were against me. The first time I took the SAT, I only scored around average.

I then invested hundreds of hours studying and, more importantly, teaching myself how to ace the exam. Out of the 50+ million people who have taken the SAT, I am one of approximately 10,000 (0.02% of all high school students) who has achieved a perfect SAT score.

My perfect SAT score changed my life! I was admitted into prestigious universities, received a half-million dollars in scholarship offers, and even shook hands with the President. I did not have to pay a dime for tuition, housing, books, food, or any other college-related expenses.

After accomplishing this myself, I started Prep Expert to help other students change their lives by changing their test scores. Our top 1% team of expert instructors teach students the same methods I used to raise my own SAT score from average to perfect. Our students have seen amazing results — improving their SAT score as much as 1,000+ points and ACT scores as much as 10+ points. And it doesn’t matter if your child is currently scoring below average or in the top 1% of all test-takers - we can help them.

I pitched Prep Expert a few years ago on ABC’s Shark Tank and made an investment deal with billionaire Mark Cuban, which has led us to becoming one of the fastest-growing test prep companies in the world. After helping 50,000+ students around the world get into elite universities and win over $100 million in scholarships, I’m confident we can improve your child’s future too.

If you’re reading this, I invite you to attend my next free class. I created it for parents just like you, who want the best for their child. Registering is free and I promise to provide as much value as I can when you attend.

Dr. Shaan Patel, MD MBA
Prep Expert CEO & Founder

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Prep Expert SAT & ACT courses are offered in every format and start at just $16 per hour. See how our courses compare below.

Recommended For Format Instructor Guarantee Hours Price Price Per Hour
6-Week Flagship SAT Courses ACT Courses Complete SAT & ACT prep for students looking for maximum score improvement. Live Online Top 1% Instructor 200-Point Score Improvement Guarantee℠ 60 $999 $16/hour
3-Week Fast-Track SAT Courses ACT Courses Quick SAT & ACT prep for students with less than 1 month to test day. Live Online Top 1% Instructor 100-Point Score Improvement Guarantee℠ 60 $999 $16/hour
Self-Paced Course SAT Courses ACT Courses Video SAT & ACT prep for students who need flexibility to prep on their own schedule. On Demand Video Perfect Scorer Dr. Shaan Patel Score Improvement Guarantee℠ 40 $699 $17/hour
Weekend Review SAT Courses ACT Courses Weekend SAT & ACT prep for students who want to review everything the weekend before test day. Live Online Top 1% Instructor 20 $499 $25/hour

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