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Basic Medical School Requirements

One of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked over time by students is “how can I get into medical school?” There is no one simple answer to that question unfortunately because every medical program is different. But we can still help you out. Here then are some very basic medical school requirements and tips […]

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5 Easy SAT Vocabulary Tips

Here are five simple SAT Vocabulary tips that you can use to both expand your personal vocabulary and not get tripped up on test day when it counts.

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Weighted vs Unweighted GPA

Let’s take a few minutes then to address what a weighted GPA is, what it isn’t, the differences between them, and how colleges evaluate them when looking at applicants.

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Celebrity ACT Scores

Let’s take a quick look at the ACT scores from a few different celebrities you will know and see how they stack up against each other.

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Celebrity SAT Scores

Let’s take a quick look at the SAT scores from a variety of celebrities you will know and see how they stack up against each other.

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How Many Times To Take The SAT

Take a minute to learn how many times you should take the SAT, how much is overkill, and a rough timeline for balancing out attempts versus preparation time.

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Jerard B’s Prep Expert Success Story

That’s why we are once again taking a moment to praise the achievement of Jerard B, a recent Prep Expert student who successfully achieved his SAT score goal with our help.

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Grant G’s Prep Expert Success Story

…we are taking a moment now to recognize the achievements of Grant G., a recent Prep Expert success story student who utilized Prep Expert’s services and has plenty of advice for other kids interested in using them.

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