Dorm Room Living Advice

The dorm room experience is a rite of passage for every college student to go through. How positive or negative that experience will be for you is dependent on how you roll with the punches in this new environment. Thankfully, there is dorm room living advice that isn’t rocket science to follow.

Take a moment to educate yourself with our dorm room living advice and save yourself plenty of headaches during your freshman year in college.

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dorm room living advice

Make It Your Home

Decorate your dorm space like at home.

Don’t be afraid to make your half as comfy and familiar as possible. Do things like:

  • Hang up favorite posters and photographs
  • Bring out your favorite blankets and stuffed animals
  • Set up your bed and furniture how you like it

Take the steps to make this unfamiliar space as home-like as possible, to avoid feelings of anxiety and homesickness.

Understand The Fishbowl

You’re living in an enclosed community now.

Dorm life is an adjustment because it’s people from all walks of life crammed together into shared living spaces.

You’ll quickly know if your neighbor breaks up with a significant other, or who is partying down the hall. Privacy in a dorm can be challenging. Use the opportunity to meet new people and establish connections with others.

Sort Out Housekeeping Duties

Establish routines for a clean, maintained dorm room.

Hopefully, your roommates are accustomed to doing chores at home. If not, then you need to work together on establishing a housekeeping routine. Discuss who is responsible for what and put together a basic cleaning schedule.

You’ll avoid unnecessary resentments and arguments while maintaining a sanitary living space. Don’t ever underestimate how annoyed you or your roommate can get if it appears that only one person is cleaning.

Check Out The Surrounding Area

Once settled, go explore the town you’re now living in.

Walk around town and check out available spots including:

  • Coffee shops
  • Libraries
  • Parks
  • Stores
  • Clubs
  • Local attractions
  • Sports venues

You’re living in a brand-new community so explore it. Chances are you’ll make good friends off-campus and have escape valves from on-campus drama.

You’ll avoid cabin fever and immerse yourself in an entirely new cultural environment. Who knows? You may end up wanting to live there after graduation.

Protect Your Belongings

Protect what you own from theft.

Because you’re surrounded by new people constantly coming and going, it’s easy for things to disappear. Be clear about what you’re willing to share with roommates and what’s off-limits.

Also, if you have communal bathrooms, don’t leave your bathroom products unguarded as they’ll likely be taken by someone else.

Be Prepared For Noise

Don’t be afraid of buying earplugs.

College dorms are loud. Students are getting to know each other, often hanging out and partying together, sometimes getting drunk. The point is to be ready to hear all kinds of noises on a regular basis, whether you want to or not.

If you’re a light sleeper or require quiet to study effectively, then invest in some comfortable earplugs or noise-canceling earphones. Otherwise, you’ll get very mad and won’t have any way to vent it out productively.

Explore And Have Fun

Meet new people and enjoy the experience.

Dorm life isn’t all about protecting yourself from others. Again, it’s more about meeting new people and broadening your horizons.

Most freshmen will feel just as out of sorts initially like you do. Go out and talk to your neighbors. Ask people questions and put yourself out there to make new friends.

You can all commiserate on things going on in class or with roommates. Also, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to older students and learn dorm living hacks they’ve acquired.

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