College Essay Tips To Ace Your Application

college essay tips

Your college application essay is the first major step in helping admissions officers consider your application. It's essentially your introduction to these people and your first impression as a person, first and foremost. Thankfully, we have a few college essay tips to help. Use these college essay tips to help…

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What Colleges Require SAT Essay Submission

what colleges require sat essay

Everyone knows that, in general, the SAT Essay is an optional section. The College Board doesn't require students to take it. However, some colleges actually do. What colleges require SAT essay scores is good information to have when sending out applications. The tables below clarify what colleges require SAT essay…

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ACT Science Practice | 7 Strategies For Test Day Success

act science practice

Every section on the ACT counts, so doing well in the Science section is definitely important to your overall score. Some students worry about the ACT Science section, but you don't have to do so. ACT Science practice isn't too scary when you know what to do. Bearing that in…

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SAT Reading Strategies | 5 Ways To Improve Your Score

sat reading strategies

The SAT Reading section can provide trouble for students not prepared for the actual reading passages themselves. However, there are SAT reading strategies you can use to crack the passage questions easily. Use these SAT Reading strategies to effectively tackle the associated questions correctly within the time limit. Besides reading,…

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5 Private Tutoring Benefits | Why You Should Consider

private tutoring benefits

Some parents think that private tutoring is all hype, no help. However, there are real-world private tutoring benefits for students who just need extra help. We offer online private tutoring for over 100 K-12 academic tests and subjects with top 1% instructors starting at $29/hour. 5 Private Tutoring Benefits To…

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Top 1% Classroom | 100+ Tutoring Subjects

tutoring subjects

For the past 10 years, Prep Expert has focused solely on SAT and ACT courses. Even when our Founder, Dr. Shaan Patel, pitched the company on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2016, we only offered SAT courses at the time. But that all is about to change. Introducing Prep Expert Classroom:…

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Top 1% Classroom | Test Prep Success Begins Early

test prep success

The Prep Expert Classroom Top 1% Tutoring program is designed to help students at every level by offering online private tutoring for over one hundred K-12 academic subjects and tests. Through careful matching of your student with our highly qualified top 1% instructors, customized academic curriculum, and reasonable pricing options,…

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Colleges That Require SAT Subject Tests

colleges that require sat subject tests

Besides the ACT and SAT, you can also use SAT Subject Test scores to help you get into college. The question is which schools actually require them versus ones that are just helpful. Here then are colleges that require SAT subject tests. Learn how to prepare for standardized tests with…

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Prep Expert and SoFi Announce Exclusive Partnership

prep expert sofi partnership

Unique Savings Powered By Our Partnership We understand the stress and uncertainty surrounding the entire college admissions process right now. The college application and acceptance process is stressful enough; investing in your child’s education shouldn’t be. To help reduce the economic burden on families everywhere, we have teamed up with…

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AP Exam Benefits For College And Career

ap exam benefits

If you're still not 100% sold on taking them, consider these AP exam benefits and how they affect not just college chances but your future career too. If you need a crash course on how to get ready for this year's 2020 AP Exam then CLICK HERE for our AP…

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