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Prep Expert Student Spotlight: Alejandro’s SAT Prep Course Experience

Prep Expert has helped over 100,000 students improve their SAT and ACT scores, get into top colleges, and win more than $100 million in scholarships. Now, I want to take a moment to highlight one of those amazing students and uplift his experience using Prep Expert’s SAT prep courses to build a more successful future.

Meet Alejandro!

Q & A with Alejandro

Q: What strategies or techniques you learned during your Prep Expert prep course did you find most effective? How did these strategies contribute to your score improvement?

Alejandro: I think for the English module, BOSS (Build Own Simple Solution) was the absolute master of strategies. Not only for the SAT, but also for every test with answer choices. In addition, I would also say TAC (Test Answer Choices) as it helps you to simplify even more the exercises in the math module.

Q: Can you share any insights into the structure or format of the prep course that you believe were particularly beneficial for your learning process?

Alejandro: A fundamental part of the course was homework. Keeping students working and practicing, even when they don’t have class, is the key for a better grade, as you build the SAT prep into a habit.

Q: In what ways did the prep course materials (such as practice tests, study guides, or online resources) enhance your understanding of the test content and improve your performance?

Alejandro: Practice tests enable my comprehension of the exam structure. They were an incredible resource since you could test yourself as if you were in the actual exam conditions which was crucial for reducing test anxiety (by transforming the exam into a habitual activity for each week).

Q: Were there any unexpected challenges you faced during the ACT/SAT prep process, and how did the prep course assist you in overcoming them?

Alejandro: Mainly in the math section, when revising homework, I couldn’t easily find my mistakes and how to solve them. So, having a whole hour where the teacher would correct some exercises of the homework was really important for my improvement.

Q: Can you describe any notable differences in your confidence level or test-taking approach before and after completing the prep course? How did the course help build your confidence and test-taking skills?

Alejandro: Thanks to the strategies learnt and the preparation I have done, my test-taking approach has completely changed. I got a boost in my confidence level thanks to the new perspective I have developed to approach exams.

Q: Did the prep course provide effective strategies for managing test anxiety or stress? If so, how did these strategies impact your performance on test day?

Alejandro: As I said before, the difference in test anxiety between my first practice test and the real exam was abysmal in the way that, when I was taking the exam, I felt as if it actually was a practice. The way some strategies in the course show you how to manage your time better and skip difficult questions to then get back to them is the reason why the exam didn’t become an imposing task for me.

Q: Did you find the course materials and instruction methods engaging and suitable for your needs?

Alejandro: The Prep Expert website was a really easy and comfortable platform where I could do anything in relation to the test. Everything is clearly explained and organized so students can practice and learn in the easiest way possible.

Q: Looking back on your experience with the Prep Expert course, what advice would you offer to other students considering similar programs to improve their scores?

Alejandro: I would advise them to not just complete the tasks from the course they are taking, but also to look for more exercises and examples to practice. The key for succeeding in these types of tests is to familiarize with their model of questions and repeat them multiple times. Never said better: “Practice makes perfect.”

What Alejandro Took Away from Prep Expert

As you can see, Alejandro saw a massive improvement in his test anxiety after completing the Prep Expert courses. With powerful test-taking strategies like BOSS and TAC on his side, he was able to up his confidence level, and it even made the real SAT feel like nothing more than a practice exam. Now, he can carry that confidence forward into every test he takes in the future.

By putting his all into the program and practicing outside of normal schoolwork, Alejandro learned more about both the overall structure of the exam while building a strong test prep habit. Once you learn how to study effectively with Prep Expert, you can take those skills with you throughout the rest of high school and well into your college career.

Start Your Journey to a Better Score with Prep Expert

Prep Expert offers SAT and ACT prep courses for every type of student. No matter whether you prefer self-paced courses or weekend reviews with an instructor, I guarantee you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the course catalog.

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Dr. Shaan Patel MD MBA

Written by Dr. Shaan Patel MD MBA

Prep Expert Founder & CEO

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