National Merit PSAT Cutoff Scores Class of 2020

2020 psat cutoff scores

Every state has its own PSAT score cutoff for the National Merit Scholarship. Here are the National Merit PSAT cutoff scores for the class of 2020. Learn how to prepare for standardized tests with our year-round SAT prep and ACT prep courses today. National Merit PSAT Cutoff Scores Class of 2020…

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PSAT Test Prep Myths

The PSAT is a helpful test to take on your college admissions journey. However, don't confuse the format and questions for what you'll face on the SAT itself. Don't confuse the PSAT with the regular SAT. Here are the most common PSAT test prep myths. Learn how to prepare for…

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25 Helpful ACT Test Tips In 5 Minutes

Everybody loves lists. Everybody loves tips. If you're thinking about taking the ACT but have no idea how to start preparing for it...then we've got you covered here with our own ACT test tips. Need a place to start preparing for the ACT? Here then are 25 fast and easy…

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SAT Essay Do’s and Don’ts

Despite being optional now, the SAT Essay provides a great opportunity for students to get used to college-level writing. Moreover, doing well on it will impress admissions boards, who see too many kids skip it altogether. However, there are some common SAT Essay do's and don'ts to follow when writing…

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SAT vs ACT Major Differences

After the 2016 SAT redesign, both the SAT and ACT are closer than ever in terms of content and format. However, there are still a few key differences remaining between these two standardized test formats. Here are a few SAT vs ACT major differences to be aware of when considering…

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National Merit PSAT Cutoff Scores: Class Of 2018

The National Merit Scholarship Program's mission is “to promote wider and deeper respect for learning in general and for exceptionally talented individuals in particular.” Here are the national merit PSAT cutoff scores for 2018 to best help you succeed in receiving a National Merit Scholarship. If you didn't perform well…

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6 Time Management Tips for Online SAT Prep Students

Online SAT prep courses give students an incredible amount of flexibility with their schedules, but with this kind of freedom, some students may find it difficult to stay on track. It’s easy to put off coursework without deadlines, but in online SAT courses this habit can dramatically affect your final…

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Forbes Named Shaan Patel #5 of 10 Shark Tank Entrepreneurs To Look Out For In 2016

Shaan Patel, President & Owner of Prep Expert was named number five on Forbes' list of top ten Shark Tank Entrepreneurs to look out for in 2016 and we couldn't agree more. Prep Expert has grown leaps and bounds since Shaan first started teaching students the secrets to increasing their…

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Learn 4 Tips To Study For the SAT Like A Pro From Our TV Interview With The List!

Learn 4 Tips To Study For the SAT Like A Pro From Our TV Interview With The List! [sat_one] I had a lot of fun doing this interview and sharing some SAT tips with The List's Holly Morgan. Check out our SAT courses to learn 100 strategies for the…

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Use The Pareto Principle

I’ve decided to publish my first self-development book, Self-Made Success: Ivy League Shark Tank Entrepreneur Reveals 48 Secret Strategies To Live Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier. You can order it here. I release an excerpt from the book every Sunday as a series of blog posts called “Self-Made Sundays.” Below is the fifth blog post. Read…

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