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SAT for International Students From 2023 Onwards

If you are an international student, the SAT is going to look a little different for you this spring. 

Starting in 2023, international students will be taking the new, online version of the SAT, which comes with a few changes.

Key changes on the 2023 SAT

While the SAT will still be used to measure your college readiness, and the test will still be scored out of 1600, there are some significant changes between the current SAT and the one that international students will take starting in 2023.

Here are some of the key changes that you should expect:

Online testing

The biggest change to the SAT is that it will no longer be administered on paper. Say goodbye to scrounging around the house for #2 pencils, and focus on making sure your computer is fully charged instead! The test will be administered entirely online.

How can I take the test online?

You will be allowed to bring your own device to your testing center to take the test, or a device will be provided for you if you do not have one.

What if my computer shuts down in the middle of the test?

The new SAT has been designed to save your progress in the case of your device shutting down or getting disconnected from the internet.

Will I still be able to use a calculator?

Yes! You can still bring your own calculator, or you can use the graphing calculator that is built into the test suite.

Another benefit of the new test is that students are allowed to use their calculator for all of the math questions. There are no longer going to be separate calculator and no-caluclator sections.

How does the SAT prevent cheating?

Each student will receive a different test (with the same difficulty level) making it impossible for them to share answers with other students.

Shorter test

The SAT will be shortened from three hours down to two. The reading section will have fewer passages, and there will only be one question per passage instead of 10-11 questions.

Generally, the questions on the test will be more concise, and the College Board has worked to make sure the questions are more relevant to what students are expected to know when they go to college.

More administrations

International students will have seven opportunities to take the SAT starting in 2023. Right now, international students are at a disadvantage compared to domestic students in that they have fewer administrations.

Fewer SAT administrations means less time to study in between tests, so this new change with two more administrations will be beneficial for international students.

Faster results

With the new online SAT, you will be able to receive your scores in a few days rather than a few weeks.

This means that you can take your final administration closer to your college application deadlines than you were able to in the past. It also means that you will have more time to review and learn from your mistakes before taking the test a second or third time.

Transitioning to the new SAT

Although the new SAT will be different, it is still possible for you to reach your target score and even score in the 99th percentile when you take this test.

International students can make sure they are prepared for the new SAT in 2023 by doing the following:

Putting in extra study time

If you want to do well on the new SAT, you are going to need to devote extra time toward studying.

Not only will you need to master the concepts covered on the SAT, but you will also need to be familiar with the new format, the built-in calculator, and the different types of questions you will see (particularly on the SAT Reading section).

Expect to dedicate a couple of hours toward studying each day for at least two months leading up to the SAT.

Practicing with Khan Academy

The College Board is providing free resources through Khan Academy that will help students get an idea of the types of questions they will be asked on the new SAT.

If you want an idea of how the new reading passages and associated questions will look or how to use the built in calculator on the test, you should consider using some of the resources available on Khan Academy.

Planning your test strategically

Here are the 2023 SAT test dates for international students:

Test dateRegistration Deadline
March 11, 2023February 24, 2023
May 6, 2023April 21, 2023
June 3, 2023May 19, 2023

While you will receive your scores for this online test a lot faster than you would on the traditional test, you should still try to space out your administrations so that you have time to review your previous scores, learn from your mistakes, and study for your next test.

You will also want to consider your schedule when you sign up to take the test. Considering the amount of time you will have to study to reach your target score, you will want to sign up for an administration where you aren’t swamped with AP/IB coursework, sports, and other time consuming activities that will limit your ability to study.

Preparing with Prep Expert

Doing well on the SAT requires hours of studying and preparation. Prep Expert can help you make sure you’re ready to handle the new SAT thanks to our private tutoring and SAT prep courses.

Even though there are many changes on the SAT, there are still many factors that remain the same. The test is still out of 1600 points, the sections of the test are the same, and the SAT will still cover the same topics.

That’s why you will want to work with our tried and true tutoring and SAT prep programs. Our expert instructors know the SAT inside and out, and they are mastering the new SAT, as well.

When you work with a private tutor, you will be able to address the weaknesses that have the potential to lower your score and learn helpful tips that will allow you to reach your target score on the SAT.

Similarly, our SAT prep courses will give you over 100 strategies that you can use to earn a high score on the SAT.

When you sign up for the SAT this year as an international student, you will want to be well aware of all of the new changes and prepared to do as well as possible.

Increase your chances of earning a great score on the new, online SAT when you sign up for private tutoring or enroll in an SAT prep course with us today. Get started now when you visit our website.

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