SAT Conversion To ACT | Quick Guide

sat conversion

The SAT and ACT are closer than ever, in terms of design and subject matter. However, the score scales are still different. Here then is a quick SAT conversion to ACT score guide to help understand scoring better. Here's a quick breakdown of why SAT scores can help you get…

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SAT Essay Samples | Low vs High-Scoring Examples

sat essay samples

The SAT Essay is often used as an extra way to impress admissions officers with your overall academic preparedness. But what does a good essay look like vs a bad one? To make life easier, the College Board has provided some helpful SAT essay samples that you can study over.…

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SAT Score Percentiles | Why They Matter

sat score percentiles

How do SAT score percentiles work? Believe it or not, these percentiles help determine the chances of which school accepts your application. Let's discuss why below. Here's how SAT scores help you score scholarship money. What Are SAT Score Percentiles? SAT score percentiles inform students how well they've done on…

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How To Calculate SAT Score | Step-by-Step

how to calculate sat score

Here is the basic step-by-step process of how to calculate SAT score for each section, and your overall composite, when doing your own test prep. Here's an idea of SAT scores that colleges are looking for in 2020. How To Calculate SAT Score: Step-by-Step Process Add Your Raw Scores Together…

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SAT Writing Score Breakdown And Criteria

sat writing score

Here is how the SAT Writing score is judged by official readers to determine your final numbers. Here are 5 SAT Writing section hacks that anyone can use to improve their score on test day. How Your SAT Writing Score Is Determined Two different people review score your essay. Each…

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Average SAT Score For Sophomores

average sat score for sophomores

If you didn't know, you can take the SAT during your sophomore year. However, don't expect to get a perfect score this early on. Let's discuss what the average SAT score for sophomores is and what you can do to improve it. Here's a rundown of SAT scores schools are…

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SAT Sections 101 | 5-Minute Rundown

If you're going back and forth between the SAT and ACT, let us help make your research a little easier. Here's a quick 5-minute rundown of the different SAT sections you'll face on test day. Besides the sections themselves, here's a primer on what the SAT itself measures. SAT Evidence-Based…

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SAT Time Breakdown With Breaks

sat time breakdown with breaks

For any student considering to take the SAT, here's the full SAT time breakdown with breaks that you should use to help your test prep. In addition to how the test timing breaks down, here are some additional SAT test day tips you should know before signing up. SAT Time…

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PSAT vs SAT | Key Similarities and Differences

psat vs sat

So what exactly are the differences between the PSAT vs SAT? Are they basically the same test? Why do they even exist? We're often asked these questions, so let us take a moment to answer them now. Listed below are points about both tests, as well as similarities and differences…

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What Colleges Require SAT Essay Submission

what colleges require sat essay

Everyone knows that, in general, the SAT Essay is an optional section. The College Board doesn't require students to take it. However, some colleges actually do. What colleges require SAT essay scores is good information to have when sending out applications. The tables below clarify what colleges require SAT essay…

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