25 Helpful ACT Test Tips In 5 Minutes

Everybody loves lists. Everybody loves tips. If you're thinking about taking the ACT but have no idea how to start preparing for it...then we've got you covered here with our own ACT test tips. Need a place to start preparing for the ACT? Here then are 25 fast and easy…

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SAT vs ACT Major Differences

After the 2016 SAT redesign, both the SAT and ACT are closer than ever in terms of content and format. However, there are still a few key differences remaining between these two standardized test formats. Here are a few SAT vs ACT major differences to be aware of when considering…

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ACT vs SAT Math Differences

act vs sat math

Many people out there don't like dealing with Math more than is absolutely necessary, especially when it comes to tests. Unfortunately, the SAT and ACT will test you thoroughly on a number of Math concepts you need, in order to prove your knowledge and succeed in college. Here are some…

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The ACT Calculator List

act calculator

When it comes to calculator usage, the SAT and ACT do NOT have the same rules. If you, or your student, are getting ready for the ACT then it’s important to know what is allowed. For your reference, here is the latest ACT calculator list; pay close attention because not following these…

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11 ACT Math Tips You Need To Know

Even if Math is your least-favorite subject, you can still ace the ACT Math test, through hard work and the right problem-solving strategies. To ace the Math test, you need to memorize important equations and formulas, problem-solve step-by-step with pencil and paper, prioritize your time, and take lots of practice…

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