How To Get A New SAT Perfect Score

new sat perfect score

Ever since the SAT went through its redesign in 2016 and relaunched, we've been asked by students and parents alike "how can I get a perfect score on the new SAT?" Here are our suggestions on what it takes to get a perfect score on the new SAT, outside of…

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The Old VS New SAT Breakdown

should you take the sat and act

We're often asked about the differences between the "old" SAT vs the "new" SAT. While a lot hasn't changed drastically, some major changes have occurred that you should be aware of now. What hasn't changed is the importance of test preparation for the SAT; our SAT prep courses are designed to…

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5 More SAT Prep Tips For The 2016, Redesigned New SAT

There is a lot of trepidation around the New SAT. However, I have good news for you. The New SAT is easier than ever to prepare for. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare. You can also join my 6-week Online SAT Class that starts this weekend to learn 95…

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5 Prep Tips For The 2016 Redesigned New SAT

The redesigned New SAT came out on March 5th. For the first time in over a decade, the College Board made some major changes to the SAT, including going back to a 1600-point scale (instead of 2400). Here are some prep tips for high school sophomores and juniors who will be…

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New SAT Prep Study Tip: Turn Off The Tech

New SAT Prep Study Tip: Turn Off The Tech [sat_one] In order to really improve your SAT score, you should disconnect from the internet, phone, and any other technology that may distract you from studying. In the world of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, distractions are all around us. Because…

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What Is The Difference Between The 2400 SAT And The New SAT in 2016?

The new SAT in 2016 is not all that different from the 2400 version of the SAT. The three main topics tested are still Math, Reading, and Writing. You might be wondering…how does the 1600 SAT test three topics if there are only two scores out of 800? [sat_one] What…

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New SAT Prep Tip: Follow the 1,000 Question Rule

Here's a terrific New SAT Prep Tip: Complete at least 1,000 College Board SAT questions before taking an official SAT exam. [sat_one] In order to really excel at the SAT, you should aim to practice with 1,000 SAT questions. Not only should you actually complete 1,000 questions, but you should…

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Why All Students Should Take the New SAT in March 2016

sat score improvement tips

The SAT is changing in March of 2016. It is going back to a 1600-score. However, it will still be testing the same subjects found on the current, 2400-version of the exam: Math, Reading, and Writing. [sat_one] I recommend every student to take the first administration of the New SAT…

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The College Board Lied About The New SAT

[sat_one] The College Board, the company that creates the SAT, has claimed that the New SAT coming out in March 2016 will no longer test students on obscure vocabulary words. The College Board lied. As I prepare to release my New SAT books, I am currently working through every New…

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Why is the SAT Changing?

[sat_one] As you might be familiar, the SAT is changing. For the past 10 years, the SAT was on a 2400-scale. However, the SAT is now going back to a 1600-scale. I say “back to” because the SAT had always been out of 1600 points prior to 2005. However, the 1600-SAT exam…

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