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Why All Students Should Take the New SAT in March 2016

The SAT is changing in March of 2016. It is going back to a 1600-score. However, it will still be testing the same subjects found on the current, 2400-version of the exam: Math, Reading, and Writing.


I recommend every student to take the first administration of the New SAT in March 2016 because it will have the best curve. Most students will not be prepared for the New SAT. Therefore, students who diligently prepare for the New SAT exam will have a big advantage in March. Because most students will not have adequately prepped for the test, the students that have studied will be rewarded.

Do not wait to take the New SAT. Most students wait until May or June to take the SAT. This is a bad idea. Most students are incredibly busy in the Spring with AP exams, SAT Subject tests, high school final exams and projects, sports, and school dances. This leaves little time to prepare for the New SAT. Instead, prepare for the New SAT in January/February, knock out the SAT in March, and then focus on the rest of school in the Spring.


Even if you are a high school freshman or sophomore, you should consider taking the New SAT. The longer you wait, the worse the curves will become. As more exams are administered, the College Board will get the data it needs to create a test that follows the curve standardization of the current SAT. In addition, the longer the test is out, the more students will prepare for it. Therefore, the curve on the New SAT will never be as good as that first administration in March 2016.

When I was in high school, the students who were prepared for the first administration of the 2400-version of the SAT ended up scoring very well. The same will be true for this first administration of the new 1600-version of the SAT. In addition, younger students studying for the New SAT in March 2016 will get terrific practice for the New PSAT. Scoring high on the New PSAT can help you win hundreds of thousands of dollars in college scholarships via National Merit! In addition, we consistently find that

Don’t delay and start preparing for the New SAT now! We are offering prep courses over Winter Break and in January/February to prepare students for the March 2016 administration of the New 1600 SAT.


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Dr. Shaan Patel MD MBA

Written by Dr. Shaan Patel MD MBA

Prep Expert Founder & CEO

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