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Algebra can be one of the most challenging subjects that your teen will ever be required to take in school. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most important subjects because it is a high school graduation requirement, a major component of both the SAT and the ACT, and the foundation for higher-level math subjects like calculus.

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One reason why many people are hesitant to find a Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, or Algebra II tutor online is because they are worried about the quality of the tutoring they will receive.

With Prep Expert, you don’t have to worry because all of our tutors are math experts who scored in the top 1% on the ACT or SAT, received 5’s on math-based AP exams, and have the experience necessary to help your student learn any algebra skill.

We even allow you to select which tutor you think will be the best fit for your teen based on their experience and credentials.

A qualified tutor can truly make a difference in the learning process because they have the expertise to pinpoint where students need to improve and communicate instruction and strategies effectively.

When it comes to helping your teen learn the content they need to know in order to do well in their algebra classes, our instructors are unmatched.

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Helping your teen do well in school shouldn’t break the bank.

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There are three types of algebra courses that students must take, each more difficult than the last.


Pre-Algebra is typically covered in 7th or 8th grade and includes broad topics that serve as building blocks for high school algebra. In Pre-Algebra, teens are introduced to the following concepts:

  • Integers
  • Factors and multiples
  • Stem and leaf plots
  • Calculating perimeter, area, and volume
  • Reading and interpreting graphs, bar graphs, and holograms
  • Identifying number patterns
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and decimals
  • Linear equations
  • Negative numbers
  • Ratios, scales, and proportions
  • One-step inequalities
  • Solving equations and learning properties of operations using exponents

Because the goal of Pre-Algebra is to provide the foundation necessary for students to understand concepts in Algebra I, these topics are essential for teens to understand in order to be successful in their future math courses.

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Algebra I

Algebra I expands on the topics covered in Pre-Algebra and also introduces new concepts that teens will need for Algebra II. Students typically take this course in 8th or 9th grade. When students take Algebra I, they learn about the following concepts:

  • Solving equations and inequalities
  • Working with units and word problems involving units
  • Variables
  • Equivalent expressions
  • Combining like terms
  • Calculating x-intercepts and y-intercepts
  • Finding the slope of a line
  • Solving systems of equations
  • Graphing inequalities
  • Interpreting and evaluating functions and function notation
  • Constructing geometric sequences
  • Simplifying equations and expressions
  • Graphing exponential growth and decay
  • Solving quadratic equations
  • Negative and irrational numbers

While teens will explore these concepts in depth when they take Algebra II, it is important for them to have a solid grasp on these concepts during their Algebra I course to help them prepare to move further in math.

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Algebra II

Algebra II is a class that students often take in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade. This is one of the most important math classes your teen will take. Most high schools require students to pass Algebra II in order to graduate, and the concepts covered in this course show up on standardized tests like the ACT and SAT. This class covers the following (often challenging) topics:

  • Adding, subtracting, and multiplying polynomials
  • Graphing exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Adding, subtracting, and multiplying complex numbers
  • Solving equations with imaginary numbers
  • Polynomial factorization and division
  • Radical expressions
  • Solving exponential equations using logarithms and properties of exponents
  • Evaluating exponents and rationals
  • Solving square-root and cube-root equations
  • Trigonometry
  • Modeling rational functions and multivariable functions
  • Evaluating exponential models

These concepts are complex, and many teens struggle to master these topics when they take algebra classes in school.

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Benefits of a Private Tutor

One of the best ways to ensure that your teen is able to find success when learning algebra, whether they are tackling Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, or Algebra II, is to hire a private, online algebra tutor.

There are many reasons why you might consider hiring an algebra tutor to help your teen:

  • Maybe your teen has typically always done well in math, but once solving equations started involving letters instead of just numbers, the subject became way more complicated and their grades began to suffer
  • Maybe your teen has their eyes set on a particular college or university, and they need to have a better understanding of algebra in order to boost their SAT or ACT score until it falls within an impressive percentile
  • Maybe your teen has a decent grade in their algebra, but it takes them a long time to grasp the different concepts they cover in class or they are too shy to ask for extra help in front of their peers
  • Maybe your teen has progressed further in math than the classes their school offers, and they are ready to move on to concepts covered in Algebra I or Algebra II

Regardless of why your child needs help with algebra, Prep Expert’s private, online algebra tutoring has you covered and will ensure that your teen can handle everything from formulas to factoring.

When it comes to helping your teen improve their grade and their understanding of algebra, you don’t want to settle for less than the best.

While there are many resources available that can help your teen with algebra, none are as beneficial as private, online tutoring by a professional teacher.

Private, online tutoring has distinct advantages that will not only help your teen boost their grade in algebra class, but also make sure they master the content.

Here are a few reasons for hiring an algebra tutor:


Teens today are busy. From extracurricular activities and sports to after-school jobs and responsibilities, it can be difficult for students to find the time just to complete their homework let alone put in the extra time it takes to do well in algebra.

With private online tutoring, your teen can receive help when it best fits their schedule. Whether your teen would benefit from early morning sessions or sessions in the afternoon, online tutoring offers flexibility that will meet your family’s needs.

Because tutoring sessions are available with the click of a button, online tutoring helps maximize your teen’s study time. Instead of needing to spend time getting across town and back for extra help with algebra, all they have to do is open their computer and get to work.


Some teens aren’t comfortable asking questions or admitting they need help in class. When your child works with an online tutor, they are in control of the environment and they will feel comfortable asking any questions they may have without worrying about judgment from their peers.

Since your child can receive help from the comfort of their home, they also won’t have to worry about distractions and disruptions that would otherwise hinder their learning process, and you don’t have to worry about inviting a stranger into your home.

Online private tutoring provides a safe and comfortable space conducive to learning.

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If your student is struggling with inequalities, it will do them no good to spend all of their time focused on linear equations and graphs. However, this is often the situation students find themselves in during algebra class. With 30 other students to manage, teachers are not always able to go back and help students who are still having trouble with a concept that was covered weeks ago, and they cannot move ahead to a new topic that your student is ready to learn if the class is behind on a topic.

Working with a private tutor will ensure your teen has individualized instruction geared toward addressing their specific weaknesses and specific goals. When your teen first meets with their tutor, the tutor will be able to gauge their strengths and weaknesses and work with them in order to set measurable goals and create a personalized learning plan to guarantee that your teen is working on the skills they need most.

The material your teen needs to learn in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II is complex, and even the strongest students have weak areas that need improvement.

If you want to make sure your teen is getting the help they need, working on the algebra skills they need the most help with, and learning at a pace that will allow them to succeed, an online private tutor is the best option.


Working with an online tutor provides multiple avenues for your teen to communicate with their tutor and receive support.

Students will be able to use online features from video conferencing to live chat to email in order to reach their tutor whenever they need help.

Online tutoring makes it simple for teens to receive guidance quickly and without any hassle, and it provides seamless options for communication.


While the convenience and additional opportunities for communication might make it seem like hiring an online private tutor will cost you an arm and a leg, this could not be further from the truth!

Online tutoring is typically cheaper than in-person tutoring because tutors do not have to worry about traveling and other overhead costs that cause them to increase their prices, which means that you could actually save money by utilizing this option.

When you consider the benefits your teen will receive from convenient, one-on-one tutoring available at times that fit into your jam-packed schedule, the value of private, online tutoring is unbeatable.

Confidence boost

When your teen works with the same Pre-Algebra tutor, Algebra I tutor, or Algebra II tutor all year long, they will establish a bond that will help your teen feel comfortable asking questions and admitting their weaknesses. As your tutor helps your teen tackle the challenges they are facing while learning algebra, your teen will grow increasingly confident in their math abilities.

How many times have you heard your teen say things like, “I’m just not good at math,” or “this is too hard,” or “I’ll never understand this no matter how hard I try,” when they are working on algebra homework?

A private tutor will help them move past their struggles so that they can gain confidence and understand that even though algebra may be tricky, it is not impossible.

Learn more about Prep Expert and how you can get started with private, online tutoring when you visit our website, or Book a Pre-Algebra tutor here

Hiring an algebra tutor with Prep Expert

Prep Expert provides the online, private tutoring that your teen needs to thrive in their algebra class.

Why hire an algebra tutor through Prep Expert?

We offer tutoring for a variety of subjects

Whether your child is learning to count in Kindergarten or is studying for the ACT during their senior year of high school, we have math tutoring that can help them reach their goals in a variety of subjects, including Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II.

We understand the nuances of these different math subjects, and instead of lumping them all together under the umbrella of algebra, we allow you to choose online Pre-Algebra tutoring, online Algebra I tutoring, or online Algebra II tutoring depending on your teen’s specific needs.

Learn more about Prep Expert and how you can get started with private, online tutoring when you visit our website, or Book a tutor here