All Access Pass 🎓

Prep Expert All Access Pass offers unlimited access to SAT & ACT courses for all of your children, weekly 1-on-1 academic accountability coaching, and direct mentorship from Prep Expert Founder Dr. Shaan Patel until your student graduates high school. The All Access Pass Program is for high-achieving students aspiring to achieve perfect SAT or ACT Scores, gain admission into Ivy League Caliber Universities, earn multiple full ride scholarships, and graduate at the top of their class.


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Not Sure Where to Start?

No worries. Our partners at SoFi have helped thousands of students and their families navigate undergraduate loans, and make the application process simple.

Over $100 Million in Scholarships Awarded

Improving your child’s SAT/ACT scores is the first step towards earning merit-based scholarships that can help ease the financial cost of attending college.

At Prep Expert, we’ve helped students earn more than $100 million in scholarships through our Perfect Score Strategies.

Prep Expert receives compensation from SoFi on a per-funded loan basis. Enrollment in Prep Expert does not guarantee eligibility for a SoFi loan product. Terms and conditions apply and are subject to change.