ACT Score Percentiles | How They Work

act score percentiles

What exactly are ACT score percentiles? How do they work? Believe it or not, these percentiles play a role in what school you'll get into eventually. Let's discuss why. Interested in knowing the average ACT score in your home state? What Are ACT Score Percentiles? Your ACT score percentile rank…

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SAT Score Percentiles | Why They Matter

sat score percentiles

How do SAT score percentiles work? Believe it or not, these percentiles help determine the chances of which school accepts your application. Let's discuss why below. Here's how SAT scores help you score scholarship money. What Are SAT Score Percentiles? SAT score percentiles inform students how well they've done on…

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How To Calculate SAT Score | Step-by-Step

how to calculate sat score

Here is the basic step-by-step process of how to calculate SAT score for each section, and your overall composite, when doing your own test prep. Here's an idea of SAT scores that colleges are looking for in 2020. How To Calculate SAT Score: Step-by-Step Process Add Your Raw Scores Together…

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How To Calculate ACT Score | The Basics

how to calculate act score

This is the process of how to calculate ACT score, broken down by section, and your overall composite score. It will help your own test prep. Here's an idea of ACT scores that colleges are looking for in 2020. How To Calculate ACT Score: How It Works ACT Raw vs…

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ACT Writing Score Breakdown And Criteria

act writing score

Taking the ACT with the writing section provides you additional scores to send to colleges and universities for consideration. The ACT Writing score can definitely help your chances if you do well on it. Here is a breakdown of how the ACT Writing score is determined point by point. Here's…

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SAT Writing Score Breakdown And Criteria

sat writing score

Here is how the SAT Writing score is judged by official readers to determine your final numbers. Here are 5 SAT Writing section hacks that anyone can use to improve their score on test day. How Your SAT Writing Score Is Determined Two different people review score your essay. Each…

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Average ACT Score For Sophomores

average act score for sophomores

Thinking about taking the ACT during your sophomore year? You definitely can, but the average ACT score for sophomores probably isn't as high as you think it could be. Here's a quick rundown of what ACT scores schools are looking for in 2020. The Short Answer Before we go into…

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Average SAT Score For Sophomores

average sat score for sophomores

If you didn't know, you can take the SAT during your sophomore year. However, don't expect to get a perfect score this early on. Let's discuss what the average SAT score for sophomores is and what you can do to improve it. Here's a rundown of SAT scores schools are…

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Scholarship Essays Tips | 8 Ways To Improve Every Essay

scholarship essays tips

Scholarship essays are very important when it comes to helping secure financial aid money. The good news is there are tried and true scholarship essays tips that improve your chances. These 8 scholarship essays tips will help you avoid the most common mistakes and improve your chances of winning money…

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College Essay Tips To Ace Your Application

college essay tips

Your college application essay is the first major step in helping admissions officers consider your application. It's essentially your introduction to these people and your first impression as a person, first and foremost. Thankfully, we have a few college essay tips to help. Use these college essay tips to help…

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