Top 10 Hardest SAT Math Questions

Boosting your SAT score can change your life. When I raised my SAT score from average to perfect, I saw countless doors open for me: scholarship money, acceptance into prestigious schools, and opportunities that I never would have received without a high score. When many test-takers attempt to improve their…

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101 SAT Words | Vocabulary To Study

sat words

The SAT is notorious for testing students' vocabulary. To make things easier, practice using these SAT words that are likely to show up on the test or in college later. Here's a vocabulary tip that will help you on the SAT Essay. [sat_one] Vocabulary Still Counts On The SAT Even…

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How The University of California And Test-Optional Colleges Are Cheating Students Out Of Billions

Due to COVID-19, some colleges are going test-optional and there is increasing public sentiment that the SAT or ACT may not be important to applications this year. Parents and students are relieved that they no longer have to worry about preparing for standardized exams. I’m sorry, but you have been…

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ACT Grammar Practice Tips

act grammar practice

To ace the ACT English section, your grammar skills have to be on point. These ACT grammar practice tips will help you focus on what the test uses to trick you. Here are some common idiom errors to keep an eye out for on the ACT. [act_one] 10 ACT Grammar…

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Scholarship Benefits For Students

scholarship benefits for students

Scholarships have value above and beyond just paying your tuition bills. Here are the top scholarship benefits for students that everyone should know. Always make sure to take a moment and check out our various SAT prep and ACT prep course options. $100,000 IN SCHOLARSHIPS TO PREP EXPERT COURSES -…

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How Your SAT Score Affects Student Debt

sat score student debt

A little-discussed but important high SAT score byproduct is how it helps lower student debt. Here is how the SAT score student debt relationship works in a nutshell. Learn how to prepare for standardized tests with our year-round SAT prep and ACT prep courses today. $100,000 IN SCHOLARSHIPS TO PREP…

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ACT Sections 101 | How The Test Is Structured

act sections

If you're looking at taking the ACT, then you first need to understand its basic structure. Here are the different ACT sections and what they'll test you on. If you're looking for a shortcut for how to handle the ACT English section, or need some ACT grammar tips instead, we…

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SAT Prep At Home | 8 Helpful Tips & Strategies

sat prep at home

With everything going on right now in the world, focusing on the SAT can be understandably difficult. That's why we're here to provide these strategies to make SAT prep at home easier for you. In addition to these main at-home tips, we also have a few pointers about time management…

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How To Stay Motivated For The SAT

how to stay motivated for the sat

With everything going on during high school, one question every junior or senior inevitably asks is 'how to stay motivated for the SAT'? We have our own 7-step process to keep you focused listed below. If you don't get your target score the first time out, don't worry. We have…

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SAT Prep For Sophomores

sat prep for sophomores

We don't recommend taking the SAT earlier than the junior year for many reasons. However, SAT prep for sophomores is something we fully endorse to get the process started. If getting ready for the SAT this early worries you, it's ok; we have a number of SAT stress management tips…

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