Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook

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The SAT may be the most important test of your life. Your SAT performance impacts your college acceptances. It affects your scholarship opportunities. Your SAT score even influences consideration from "test-optional" universities. High school doesn't prepare you for the SAT. Many who perform well in high school score poorly on standardized tests. That’s about to change.

Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook reveals the step-by-step blueprint to maximize your SAT score. Dr. Shaan Patel has helped over 100,000 students improve their own SAT scores using the methods in this book. Now, it’s your turn!

Unlock perfect-score strategies for every section of the SAT. Learn secrets to solve the toughest questions. Discover how to read passages faster and identify phrases that are always incorrect. Master how to solve algebra problems without doing any algebra. Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook delivers powerful techniques to ensure your academic success.

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