5 High-Profile Full Ride Scholarship Opportunities

Full ride scholarships are great if you don’t want to think about paying for college. They’re not easy to get, but there are some famous full ride scholarship opportunities out there. Looking for someone else to pay for your tuition without worry? Then be sure to check out these 5 well-known full ride scholarship opportunities. When researching scholarships, keep an eye out for scams. Here are some common scholarship scam…

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College Essay Vs Scholarship Essay Differences

The college admissions process requires not only test scores and a high GPA but also essays…lots of essays. The most common ones you’ll write are for college admissions boards and scholarship committees. When writing them, keep in mind that they have different audiences and purposes to serve. Keep these college essay vs scholarship essay differences in mind when drafting them during your junior and senior years. Before worrying about essays,…

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Ace 10 Common College Scholarship Interview Questions

Many students dread the college interview process, especially when scholarship money is on the line. But it doesn’t have to be that bad. As long as you have an idea of what they’re going to ask ahead of time, you’ll be fine. Here are 10 common college scholarship interview questions students face and tips on how to answer them. Make sure to check out our various SAT prep and ACT…

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