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We've put together the resources below to keep you up to date on changes to important exams, tips and tricks for studying at home, and what Prep Expert is doing to help.

Keeping Your Education Top of Mind

COVID-19 Has Changed Many Things; College Prep Does Not Have to Be One of Them

We are in the midst of unprecedented times as a nation. With schools and institutions shut down across the country, many students have had to rapidly adjust to a new normal. During this challenging period, Prep Expert wants to provide students with the resources they need to study at home and continue preparing for college.

Test-Optional is Not an Option

Due to COVID-19, some universities are moving to “test-optional” for the 2020-2021 college application cycle. This means that they will no longer be requiring SAT or ACT for admission given the disruption in the school year and test dates this year. With that being said, the vast majority of the top universities in America still require the SAT or ACT for admission.

In addition, even schools that are “test-optional” still require the SAT or ACT to be considered for scholarships. For example, the University of California is moving to test-optional this application cycle due to COVID-19. However, the University California of Santa Barbara (UCSB) cites that “test scores” are part of their selection process in determining which students receive their Regents Scholarship (worth $24,000). If your child doesn’t take the SAT or ACT, he or she would be missing out on tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants that are awarded to students applying to college.

A Message from Prep Expert

Dear Parents,

We salute you for taking on the new role of educator, as well as a parent, as your child moves to online schooling. On top of family responsibilities and coping with the global pandemic, parents are having to learn how to keep their students on track with their education. As educators ourselves, we understand how challenging this can be, which is why we are extending our services and creating resources that can help your students to study at home effectively.

SAT/ACT Test Schedules and Cancelations*

Stay up to date on changes to important test dates and event cancellations. Below are some test schedules that have been changed due to the impact of COVID-19.
2020 / 2021 | SAT Test Dates
August 29th2020
September 26th2020
October 3rd2020
November 7th2020
December 5th2020
2020 / 2021 | ACT Test Dates
April 4th2020
June 13th2020
July 18th2020
September 12th2020
October 24th2020
December 12th2020

*All COVID-19 related schedule changes and cancellations have been gathered from the organizations administering tests. For more information please visit the and

Study At Home Resources

As an online test prep company, we have developed the best strategies for students to stay focused and study successfully at home. Check out insights from our expert instructors on helping students more effectively study at home.

Prep Expert Guarantees | Updates To Our Policies

The Prep Expert team is staying up to date with the changes happening in the college prep world, and adjusting our guarantees to ensure all of our students are covered during these changes. In response to the cancelation of upcoming test dates, we have extended access to our student dashboard from 60 days after the final lesson to 180 days after the final lesson, so students can look back and brush up on the curriculum. Additionally, we are extending the timeline for students to take a follow-up exam from 60 days to 180 days.

We are continuing to stay up to date with changes to the SAT and ACT schedules and will continue to adjust our guarantees and programs accordingly to accommodate for our student's needs.

Questions? We Are Here to Help

If you have any questions for the Prep Expert team regarding classes you may have signed up for, upcoming or cancelled exams, or general inquiries please let us know below!