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Does My Child Need A Tutor?

As your child’s classes start to become more rigorous and their workload continues to increase, they might reach a point where they will need more personalized instruction and extra help than their teacher is able to provide.

In these cases, seeking a tutor to offer one-on-one instruction can make a significant difference when it comes to their academic success.

If you are wondering whether or not hiring a tutor will be beneficial for your child, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind.

Here are a few signs that your child might need a tutor:

Their grades are slipping

While it’s perfectly normal for your child to have a bad test day or an off week, if their grades are steadily slipping over a longer period of time, they would benefit from working with a tutor. When a student’s grades are consistently slipping, it’s a sign that they are not understanding the new material covered in class and are doing poorly on assignments and assessments.

A tutor can help them get caught up on the concepts they are struggling with so that their grades will start to improve.

They are avoiding homework

If your child is constantly telling you that they don’t have any homework each week or any tests coming up in class, chances are they are having trouble with their schoolwork. When children know that they are not going to be able to understand their homework regardless of how hard they try, they will be tempted to procrastinate on this work or avoid it entirely.

Hiring a tutor will give your child the opportunity to work on their homework with an expert who can answer their questions and make sure they know what to do.

They spend hours on their homework

If your child is spending an unreasonable amount of time trying to complete their homework, it is probably not because their teacher has assigned too much work. This is usually an indicator that your child is struggling to complete the homework on their own.

A tutor can help them understand what they are supposed to do on their homework and the material that they learned in class so that they have an easier time finishing their homework.

They are not progressing in class

Another sign your child might need a tutor is if they are not making progress in class. If their grades have been fine, but they have remained stagnant throughout the school year, they should work with a tutor to help take their skills and understanding to the next level.

A good tutor will have the expertise necessary to pinpoint your child’s weaknesses so that these areas can be addressed and your child’s grade and level of understanding can improve.

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