Is private tutoring worth it?

While your grades aren’t the only factors that college admissions officers will look for when they read applications, earning high grades can unlock many great opportunities in the future.

However, it is hard to earn good grades if you are feeling demotivated or confused when you’re in class or doing your schoolwork.

This is where a private tutor can step in and help.

If you want to improve your grades and your understanding of the material that you are learning in your classes, signing up for private tutoring can make a big difference.

Although many people know that private tutors are beneficial, many are still hesitant to hire a private tutor because of the time and the costs involved.

While private tutoring does come at a cost, the advantages tutoring has to offer far outweigh any costs.

Advantages of private tutoring

There are many benefits to private tutoring for learners of any age or grade level. Here are a few of the reasons why private tutoring is helpful for students:

Individualized instruction. Have you ever had a teacher move on to something new before you were able to grasp the current topic? Have you ever been bored in class because your teacher is covering information you’ve already mastered? Private tutors alleviate this issue by creating a learning plan suited to your needs as a student. You can work on specific areas of concern at your own pace and on your own schedule.

  • One-on-one attention. Students who feel nervous asking questions in front of the class and students who need extra attention will benefit from private tutoring. When you work with a private tutor, you don’t have to worry about them splitting their attention with other students, and they will be able to teach at the pace that is best for you.
  • Improved study habits. As a private tutor gets to know you and your learning style, they can help you figure out the best ways to study. You might have thought making flashcards was the best study method for you without realizing that this tool wasn’t helping you learn, for instance. A tutor will be able to pinpoint the best study methods for your particular learning style.
  • Fewer distractions. Trying to learn in a classroom environment or at home on your own can prove difficult if you are surrounded by distractions. When you have your phone at your fingertips or a friend nearby, it can be hard to devote all of your attention to learning or reviewing academic material. Private tutoring allows you to completely focus on mastering the content.

Who benefits from private tutoring?

Private tutoring is beneficial for every learner at every skill level. Whether you are making straight A’s, or it seems like your teacher is speaking a completely different language when they introduce new concepts, you have a lot to gain from working with a private tutor.

You should consider private tutoring if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You are making great grades in a subject area, but you want to take your subject knowledge to the next level
  • You tend to procrastinate or avoid doing your homework
  • You feel like you have a solid grasp of a subject in class, but your quiz scores don’t reflect your level of understanding
  • Your class moves on to a new concept before you’re ready
  • You are ready to move on to new concepts in class, but the rest of the students in your class are not ready
  • You find yourself lacking the motivation to study or complete assignments for your classes
  • Your homework or quizzes tend to have a lot of mistakes
  • You want to earn a high score on a standardized test like the SAT, ACT, or an AP or IB exam
  • You struggle to understand the concepts that are covered in class

While some people believe that they don’t have anything to gain from private tutoring, the truth is that private tutoring is great for everyone, even if they aren’t struggling with a subject.

Because private tutors access your personal strengths and weaknesses, they are able to create plans tailored toward your individual needs. Whether you need some extra help or you are looking for a challenge, private tutoring will help you meet your goals.

Getting started

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