5 High-Profile Full Ride Scholarship Opportunities

Full ride scholarships are great if you don’t want to think about paying for college. They’re not easy to get, but there are some famous full ride scholarship opportunities out there.

Looking for someone else to pay for your tuition without worry? Then be sure to check out these 5 well-known full ride scholarship opportunities.

When researching scholarships, keep an eye out for scams. Here are some common scholarship scam warning signs to use when evaluating scholarships.


full ride scholarship opportunities


Army cadets are able to attend college courses and training.

The Army’s Reserve Officer Training Corps provides money for college students who are also interested in serving. College students who join ROTC can simultaneously complete military training while attending courses as well.

After graduation, those ROTC cadets receive an immediate commission as Second Lieutenants with specialized training. At that point, Second Lieutenants can continue field training or pursue postgraduate opportunities.

Scholarship-wise, Army ROTC cadets receive:

  • Full-Tuition Scholarships
  • Book and Fee Allowances
  • A Monthly Stipend

Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC students can receive plenty of college fee help.

If you’re looking for school money and serve in the Air Force, then check out the Air Force ROTC scholarships. If you meet the grade, physical fitness, and medical requirements, then you’re eligible for a scholarship.

There are different scholarships to consider. However, all of them cover full tuition costs along with other benefits:

  • Textbook and Fee Cost Coverage
  • Monthly Spending Stipend

There are chances to apply for Air Force ROTC scholarships both before, and during, college itself. So keep that fact in mind.

Microsoft Scholarships

If you’re studying a computer-related major, then look into this scholarship opportunity.

Microsoft offers students a scholarship to help pay for studies. To qualify, you first need to be currently studying one of the following majors:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Physics
  • Math
  • Electrical Engineering

Those are the main ones to consider. Microsoft scholarship recipients receive one full year’s worth of funding to cover their tuition costs alone.

It’s not an all-encompassing award, but it’s definitely helpful to cover those costs without strings attached.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship

Bill Gates continues to give back to the world.

In 1999, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation created their own scholarship, funded by a $1 billion grant. Since that time, many students have benefited from the Gates Foundation’s scholarship to help pay for college.

To qualify, students must:

  • Be African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, or Hispanic American
  • Have a 3.3 minimum GPA
  • Meet Federal Pell Grant eligibility

If qualified, students receive a scholarship that’s good through graduation to use at any accredited college or university within the United States. If you feel that you qualify, check online now for further details.

SMART Scholarship

This program is perfect for science and mathematics majors.

The SMART Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship for college students interested in science, mathematics, or research. Standing for “Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation”, SMART is a part of the National Defense Education Program.

Besides the full-tuition coverage, SMART also provides additional financial benefits for students:

  • Financial Assistance for Fees
  • Paid Internship
  • $1,000 Book Allowance
  • Health Insurance Reimbursement
  • Mentoring
  • Job Placement post-graduation

SMART is a comprehensive scholarship that can stop many college-related headaches. If you’re studying in one of those fields, then take the time to look into it.

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