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Hard ACT Science Practice Questions

One thing that sets the ACT apart from the SAT is that the ACT includes a science section. While this section of the ACT tends to be pretty difficult for many test-takers, it is not impossible to do well on this section if you are well-prepared.

One of my favorite strategies for preparing for the ACT Science section is to try and tackle as many challenging practice questions as possible. This will help you know what to expect on the test, and it will help you learn how to approach the questions that will give you the most trouble in this section.

Here are a few of the hardest types of ACT Science practice questions you can take to make sure you are ready for this section of the test:

1. Introduction questions

As you work through the science section of the ACT, you will notice some questions that you cannot answer simply by skimming through the passage or looking at the associated visuals. These questions will require you to read the brief introduction before the passage in order to get the information you need to select the correct answer.

When you take practice quizzes, make sure that you start including the introduction as you skim through the passage. This will make the introduction questions a whole lot easier.


2. Questions with multiple visuals

Although the majority of the questions you will see on the ACT Science section will require you to look at a single passage or a single visual, there are some questions that will require you to synthesize data or information from more than one source.

When you encounter these questions, it is important for you to understand exactly what the question is asking you, look carefully at the data from each figure, and take your time to find an appropriate answer. These questions are not ones that you want to rush through because they require you to be able to spot patterns or otherwise interpret data from more than one figure or visual.

3. Multiple data-point questions

You will see several questions on the ACT Science section that require you to look at and analyze multiple-data points from a single figure. Whether this is a table, a graph, or some other type of figure, these questions require you to take an extra step when you try to find the answer.

Once you determine exactly what the question is asking, you will need to figure out which part of the figure will give you the data you need. Look carefully until you can spot the relationship or pattern between the two data points.

After you have established the relationship between the data points, you will be able to use this information, as well as the process of elimination, to find your answer.

Preparing for the ACT Science section

When you are familiar with these three challenging types of questions that you will encounter in the ACT Science section, you will be able to improve your score. A great resource to help you practice these questions is an ACT prep course.

When you take an ACT prep course, you will learn the specific strategies you should use in order to do well on the science section of the test.

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