Investing in Your Future: The True Value of Test Prep

Why the SAT Matters

Every year, high school students across the country looking to attend college sit the SAT.

Competition for places in the most prestigious programs is fierce and one of the first filters applied to applications is SAT scores. While an SAT score is not the only factor admissions officers consider, a top score will at least ensure your application is carefully considered.

However getting an offer is only half the equation. Even when a student has secured a place, there is the question of finances.

The average cost of a 4-year college degree is around $32 000, but in some of the more exclusive and prestigious programs, this cost can increase to $100 000 or more. This is simply out of reach for the majority of families, and taking out loans leaves students burdened with long-term debt.

However, this can all be avoided with a strong SAT score. Many college scholarships are awarded based on how a student performs on this test. A top SAT score can get you full-ride scholarships at some of the best schools in the country.

As you can see, putting effort into getting the best possible SAT score can pay massive dividends in the future. A recent study has actually found a strong correlation between high SAT scores and low student debt burdens.

The students we interviewed for this article definitely have benefitted hugely from their high SAT scores. They’ve not only been accepted into great academic programs in their chosen fields, but they’ve also received hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships.

Taking the SAT seriously can lead to significant financial rewards in the future.

How SAT Prep Courses Help

Having prior knowledge of the types of questions that you will face, the structure of the test and how you should pace yourself throughout the test are crucial. Test-taking is a skill and just like other skills it can be improved.

You could take the test ‘cold’ without preparation, but you would be doing yourself a disservice.

Most students can pass the SAT, but if you want to master it and get offered places at top schools and scholarships, you will need expert help and guidance, as one of our former students discovered:

Prep Expert taught me all these new techniques that allowed me to really master the SAT’s.

-Brady Davis

Former Prep Expert student Brady Davis got over $250,000 worth of scholarships.


Let’s take a look at exactly how Prep Expert can help the student in your life by looking at the experiences of successful test-takers.

Get Expert Help to Boost Your SAT Scores


When you look at the style of questions and structure of the SAT, it is not necessarily the content of the questions the students find difficult. Rather, many students struggle with the strategy and timing needed to score highly.

The experienced Prep Expert team has years of experience with the SAT and know every trick and technique out there. We in fact specialize in getting students the best possible scores using proven techniques.

It is this expert insight that can help bring an average SAT student into the top percentiles, often resulting in hundreds of extra points:

My ACT score was 34. After taking Prep Expert, I got my ACT score into the 99th

-Nicolas Vaughn

Started with PSAT with an average score of 1750 before the course, and after all the tricks and techniques I learned and would have never known about, I was able to get up to 2230… After I took the Prep Expert course, I was able to improve my SAT score by 480 points.

-Brady Davis

Nicolas Vaughn took the Prep Expert prep course, scored in the 99th percentile and has since received 3 full-ride scholarships

The tips and strategies learnt during Prep Expert’s SAT prep course can also be applied to other standardized tests, like the MCAT used for entrance to medical school programs.

As our students have found time and again, the skill of knowing how to take a test has set them up for success in later life:

The skills I learned helped on the SAT, the ACT, and the MCAT. The test-taking strategies I learned
helped me not only with the SAT and ACT but on the MCAT and other standardized tests.

-Nicolas Vaughn

All of our tutors are experienced educators who specialize in teaching students how to maximize their SAT scores and offer engaging instruction that motivates and encourages:

After I spent $1000 on the Prep Expert course for my son, his score raised tremendously. He loved going to class, didn’t want to miss a single one.

-Students Mother

At the end of the day, a high SAT score is a great achievement, but it is only a means to an end – college admission.

Our students have an amazing track record of not only getting accepted into top colleges but also being offered full-ride scholarships worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Get Into The College of Your Dreams WITH a Scholarship


With the price of college these days, what stands in the way of a student and their dream college might not just be the right SAT score. The price of some programs can make them unattainable, even if a student qualifies. However, if you can score in the top percentile for your SAT it makes your scholarship applications stand out from the crowd.

You could gain admittance and receive a full-ride scholarship, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This may seem like a fantasy, but we see this play out time and again with our Prep Expert students:

Once I was able to beat the SAT’s I was able to apply for colleges and universities and get scholarships from many of them and accepted the highest one. After spending about $1000 on the prep expert course, I got over $250,000 worth of scholarships, that’s over 250 times return on my investment.

-Brady Davis

The skills I learned helped me get a full-ride scholarship to the University of Alabama for undergrad, worth $160,000, and a full-ride scholarship to UNLV School of Medicine. After taking prep-expert, I got 3 full-ride scholarships with over half a million dollars.

-Nicolas Vaughn

After taking Prep Expert, I was accepted into NYU, the University of San Diego, and Lehigh University… I received a full-tuition scholarship to the University of San Diego, worth over $100,000.

-Alexis Hilts

A small investment of time and money now with the Prep Expert SAT preparation course can pay massive dividends in years to come and set the young person in your life up for success.

Former Prep Expert student Alexis Hilts is now in medical school. She received a full-tuition scholarship.

Invest In Your Child’s Future with Prep Expert

Our SAT preparation course is an investment in your child’s future.

Time and again, our students have achieved great results and exceeded even their own expectations using the techniques they have learned in our course.

The small investment made a big difference for both of my kids. After both my son and my daughter took the prep expert courses, they both received full-tuition scholarships worth over half a million dollars.

-Students Mother

In fact, we are so confident in our course and method that we guarantee that our students will improve their SAT score, or else you get your money back:

Brady is my oldest son, and myself never having the chance to go to college, I wanted the best for him. I wanted to make sure he had all doors open to him… I couldn’t go wrong with Prep Expert, because you say “take the class, and if you don’t improve your score, you get your money back!”. How do you go wrong with that?

-Students Mother

Why leave the student in your life struggling on their own to get a top SAT? Give them a helping hand with the Prep Expert SAT preparation course and give them a helping hand.

I now told my mom to put my little sister in the Prep Expert course as well because it works. Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money, just take Prep Expert.

-Alexis Hilts

Take a look at what the students mentioned in this article say about Prep Expert: