Prep Expert MasterClasses are designed to help your student stay ahead of the curve. We offer MasterClasses for academic subjects, graduate level exams, time management, studying, and all aspects of academic success. Our MasterClasses are taught by Prep Expert Founder Dr. Shaan Patel, Teachers of The Year, and other top 1% instructors with prestigious national recognition.

Prep Expert only hires the best instructors in the industry to teach our courses. Our MasterClasses are taught by some of the nation’s best teachers, each coming with prestigious accolades such as State Teacher of the Year.

Each teacher has been vetted by the Prep Expert team, and has demonstrated an extraordinary propensity to teach material in a fun, personalized, and results-driven way. Explore our courses and meet our top instructors below!

Top 1% Teachers

Every Prep Expert MasterClass is taught by a top 1% instructor who won State Teacher of the Year or similar accolade.

Prep Expert is so confident in our MasterClasses, we backup our MasterClasses with the industry’s leading money-back guarantee:

  • If your student is not 100% satisfied after completing our MasterClasses, we will refund your money!

See Terms of Service for complete details and qualification requirements. 

Higher Grade Guarantee

Your student will earn higher grades after completing a Top 1% Academic Course, or we will refund your money!

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