Personal Tutor Benefits To Consider

Investing in a personal tutor isn’t always an easy or quick decision to make. However, if your child needs one, it’s a worthwhile investment in the end.

Here are a few personal tutor benefits to consider when deciding to hire one or not.

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personal tutor benefits

Short-Term Personal Tutor Benefits

Here are the immediate payoffs that a personal tutor can provide your student:

Individually Tailored Learning Experience – A tutor can customize his or her lessons and activities based on the needs of the child being worked with.

  • A good one will discover their student’s strengths and weaknesses to inform lesson plans.
  • A one-size-fits-all approach is the last thing a good tutor will bring to the table. Your child will feel like the only student their tutor works with consistently.

Academic Performance Improvement – Private tutoring can help students improve their overall academic performance over time. How?

  • By addressing specific problems areas one by one. If your student has weaknesses in Math and English, then lessons plans can be tailored specifically to improve those competencies. Test and exam study sessions also help out too.

Encourages Active Questioning – Sometimes students don’t feel comfortable openly asking questions in class. As a result, they can miss out on getting clearer explanations that stifle their understanding of certain subjects.

  • Tutors allow that awkwardness to go away by encouraging questions in a safe, supportive environment. No question is too simple or dumb to ask, as long as it clears up confusion and help create clarity.

Medium-Term Personal Tutor Benefits

Here are the intermediate-term benefits of hands-on personal tutor sessions:

Makes Learning Fun – A good tutor isn’t a taskmaster. He or she should help make the learning process fun for the students they help. Lesson plans should be tailored to be informative and engaging.

  • Whether that means coming up with subject-specific activities or projects that aren’t normally done in-class, each session should be intellectually stimulating.
  • If your child doesn’t do well with learning from dry readings and repetitive worksheets, then consider finding a good tutor to shake things up.

Helps Boost Confidence – Effective tutoring sessions, over time, boost a student’s emotional confidence. The constant one-on-one attention, coupled with addressing subjects that were once difficult has a cumulative effect.

  • By boosting academic confidence, a student’s natural confidence will grow too. A good tutor can sense that and gently encourage it while reinforcing the progress made so far.
  • At the end of a student-tutor relationship, the student should grow into a more mature person than they were before.

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Long-Term Personal Tutor Benefits

Here are the long-term benefits of hands-on personal tutor sessions:

Learn Helpful Study And Work Habits – One of the first things a tutor will do is assess your student’s current study habits. It’s important for the instructor to see how well the child is working on reinforcing what’s learned in school.

  • If laziness or non-effective habits developed, they can be addressed accordingly. Again, the benefit here is the child receiving study methods tailored to his or her strengths.
  • These new habits can be taken forward into college and career afterward.

Relieves Boredom – Some students don’t do well in classes because they’re bored. Plenty of under-stimulated kids don’t excel in classes because they simply aren’t engaged by the material enough. That fact doesn’t mean that they can’t learn.

  • Instead, it means that they have to work harder to imprint it into their memory. Good tutors can assess this early on in the relationship and tailor lessons accordingly.
  • More interactive lesson plans and activities may be needed. Also, the student can provide active feedback after each session.

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