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AP Tutoring - Statistics

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Prep Expert offers the best private tutoring in the test prep industry. Our tutors are the instructors who teach our classes, so you are in good hands. Accolades of our instructor group include having degrees from Harvard, Yale, & MIT, achieving perfect SAT scores, and having advanced graduate degrees (PhDs, MDs, MBAs, etc.). Each tutoring session is 2-hours long. Our tutors will come to you on a schedule that is convenient.

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  • 99th Percentile Instructors

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Inspirational Results

I got a perfect score! I’ll be attending Harvard this Fall, and I’m sure 2400 Expert helped me get there.Abhinav, +550pt SAT Score Improvement

I improved my score 360 points! Not only was the course informational, but also fun. In addition to incredible test advice, I also came away with great life advice.Audrey, +360pt SAT Score Improvement

I have improved my score by hundreds of points. My instructor was great and he spent a lot of time with students to help them gain knowledge about what they didn’t understand.Brandon, +320pt SAT Score Improvement

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